Uniting Patriots in Europe and America: Alex Newman & Judge Giorgianni

The globalist forces that are weaponizing government and health to destroy nation-states and freedom transcend borders and operate in both the European Union and the United States, Alex Newman and Italian Judge Angelo Giorgianni explain in this joint interview on Italy’s popular Mitt Dolcino show with a translator.

A large number of Italian patriots look to America–and eventually hope to restore the special relationship between the two nations–as an inspiration for Italians active in the battle for freedom. The situation in Italy and other European nations is even worse than in America.

But if Christians worldwide unite, the forces of darkness can be pushed back and defeated, the commentators argue in the interview. Giorgianni, who also leads the Global Organization for Life, is a key leader in Italy’s freedom movement resisting COVID tyranny, globalist destruction of self-government, and other evils.

Judge Giorgianni is a highly prominent individual who has served in the judiciary since the 1970s, starting as a regional prosecutor until 1985, when he returned to Messina and became Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic. In 1996 he was elected to the Italian Senate and was appointed Undersecretary of the Interior in the Prodi government. In 2001 he returned to the judiciary, becoming President of the Section at the Court of Appeal of Messina. In 2010 he was appointed by Minister Angelo Alfano as one of the three presidents of the Independent Evaluation Body (OIV), which evaluates the managers of the Ministry of Justice. The role of President of Section in the Court of Appeal then covers the role of President of the Regional Tax Commission.

In this interview, Newman and Judge Giorgianni discuss the tyranny that is descending on Italy and the world, and how God-fearing patriots in Europe and the United States must unite to stop it.

For the original article about this (in Italian) see here: “I cristiani di tutto il mondo si devono unire contro il male che stiamo vivendo” – Intervista ad Alex Newman e Angelo Giorgianni

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