US-Dominated World Order is Over, Warns Geopolitical Analyst

The so-called unipolar world order dominated by the United States has “ended” and the world is entering a new period of potentially great conflict, warned leading Budapest-based geopolitical analyst Zoltán Koskovics at Hungary’s Center for Fundamental Rights in this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. 

“The era of American dominance is over,” he said, suggesting U.S. foreign policy was to blame for the development. This will lead to great and small conflicts. With the U.S. severely weakened and in decline as the leader of the Western world, Koskovics said Hungary and other nations were being forced to examine a new type of “more open” foreign policy that is defensive in nature. 

In the interview, Koskovics also details the Hungarian government’s thinking on a range of issues including immigration, the role of government, and more as Prime Minister Viktor Orban prepares to take the rotating presidency of the European Council. The main agenda will be to “Make Europe Great Again” by reining in bureaucratic stifling of economic competitiveness. 

With the backdrop of the recent elections to the so-called European “Parliament,” the Hungarian geopolitical expert ridiculed U.S. media misinformation about the “far right.” However, he also explains the fact that conservative parties—especially in nations such as France—performed very well. Their goal is not Nazism, but the preservation of the nation state and Western heritage. ​  

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