US Military Threatens National Security With Marxist-CRT Training, Warns Ex-Commander on The Sentinel Report

Radical indoctrination being imposed on American military personnel has become a threat to national security, with some members of the Armed Services losing their desire to serve, former Air Force and Space Force Commander Matthew Lohmeier said on the December 20 episode of The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman.

Irresistible Revolution by Matthew Lohmeier PDF Download

Then-Lt. Col. Lohmeier was booted from the U.S. military this summer after exposing the scandalous agenda in his best-selling book Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military. He was also subjected to an Inspector General investigation launched from the Pentagon.

Among other concerns, Lohmeier warned that divisive Marxist programming known as “Critical Race Theory” was causing division in the military. The constant barrage of anti-American propaganda, which has not improved, was demoralizing America’s fighting forces, too, Lohmeier added.

In this interview, Lohmeier discusses his career, his training, and his experiences in the military. In particular, he shares details about the toxic CRT-Marxist cancer that he witnessed spreading through the service, as well as his experience using his chain of command to expose it.

Perhaps most importantly, Lohmeier offers some ideas on how everyday Americans can help protect U.S. troops and the United States itself from the increasingly radicalized and ideological military leadership.

Watch the full interview in the second half of the December 20 episode, starting around 11:30:

In other news:

–Amazon partnered with Communist China’s propaganda arm: Amazon was marketing a collection of President Xi Jinping’s speeches and writings on its Chinese website about two years ago, when Beijing delivered an edict, according to two people familiar with the incident.

Emails show NIH boss Collins asked The Science ™, better known as Lord Fauci, to attack “fringe” epidemiologists from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford over Great Barrington Declaration pushing back against tyranny.

–Even leftists at Buzzfeed are poking holes in the FBI’s pathetic “Michigan Governor Kidnapping” plot. Article headlined “The FBI Said It Busted A Plot To Kidnap Michigan’s Governor. Then Things Got Complicated” debunks it all.
“The case seemed like a lock — until an informant and one FBI agent were charged with crimes, another was accused of perjury, and a third was found promoting a private security firm. And that wasn’t all,” the publication wrote.

–Harvard will no longer require SAT or ACT test scores to help “increase diversity” – Effort to have plausible deniability as they discriminate against better-qualified candidates due to their skin color or ethnic ancestry. Asians are being especially victimized.

–UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson got his “COVID pass” with vaccine status or negative COVID test results passed despite a rebellion from within his own party. 90 Tories voted against in Parliament. Going into effect as we speak. Required for entry into nightclubs and other venues.

–Netherlands, one of the most vaxxed places on earth, going into 2 weeks hard lockdown.

–Multiple members of Congress including fake Indian Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and New Jersey’s Cory Booker catch COVID despite being double-vaxxed plus booster. And yet they still thank vax makers and peddle vaccine. Stockholm Syndrome?

–Despite all the hysteria about “global warming” being used to dismantle the U.S. and European economies, global coal power is expected to hit a new record. China and India, already 2/3 of global coal use, driving the trend as Western suckers subsidize it.

–France passes sweeping conversion therapy ban: Conversion therapy practitioners can face prison time and fines because “homosexuality and trans identity aren’t sicknesses that can be cured.” Pastors can no longer counsel their parishioners, and even parents can face prison for trying to help their children resist gender confusion or homosexual attractions.

–Tens of millions of refugees around the world can’t get COVID shots because manufacturers fear liability. Will they repopulate the earth?

–New York lawmakers are considering a bill to indefinitely detain unvaxxed at the whim of the governor.

–Jesus is savior of America, President Trump told the First Baptist Church in Dallas: “‘Our country needs a savior right now. Our country has a savior. And It’s not me,” the president said. “It’s someone much higher up than me. Much higher up.”

–Even the New York Times is ready to ditch Biden, saying he’s too old to run again. Don’t forget this is the newspaper that brought us “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory, covered up Stalin genocide in Ukraine, marketed Fidel Castro as “anti-communist freedom fighter” to the world, and claimed America’s birthday is 1619.

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