Using Social Media to Reach Youth with the Truth

Liberty lovers must use all the tools at our disposal to reach the next generation with the truth. A living example of that is conservative social media influencer “Daring Daniel,” also known as “The Free Floridian” on Instagram (@thefreefloridian). With over seven million views, “Daring Daniel” uses Instagram to reach young Americans and spread the truth about the two topics society says you’re not supposed to talk about: religion and politics. In addition to his work in media, “The Free Floridian” is also an entrepreneur and the owner of a leather belt company, I Want a Belt.

“All I know is that I have a platform right now, and I am going to use that to glorify God and to spread the truth while I still have the opportunity,” the social media influencer explained. “I might not have it tomorrow, and that is ok, but I am going to use it while I have the opportunity to be able to share the truth in love.”

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