LIVE-The Most IMPORTANT Story of the Pandemic

While we continue being divided by partisan politics, we search for the most overlooked story of the pandemic. While it is easy to fall into the propaganda surrounding “community health”, we believe there are more important issues facing us today that are eroding our freedoms daily. There is a pending debt crisis, hyperinflation, jobless, and homeless problem while small business is being crushed. We report on this daily with our partners at

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10/20/2020Do not get complacent yet. Things can, and will, get much worse. At the time of writing this article, there are over ten million jobless claims. MarketWatch is reporting that over 55% of businesses listed on Yelp have shut down for good. As of July, over 20 billion dollars is owed in back rent. Child abuse, murders, and suicides are continuing to rise. The plight of the average American is being ignored.

All of these things are happening while the media is singularly focused on the upcoming election. While that can be very important, it is not providing the public with the information it needs to survive during the planned shut down of the economy. Poverty doesn’t care if you are a registered Democrat or Republican. The legacy media also seems oblivious to the Great Reset that is actively being marketed by the World Economic Forum. They have more access to the people controlling these projects, but they refuse to interview them.

We are committed to bringing you interviews, forums, and guests that can help you and your family survive during this forced agenda. While other news sites are fighting for clicks, we are fighting to bring you the most censored, logical, easy-to-understand information, so you can be ready for what comes next. We just need your help to get around the censors. Below, we will detail how you can find this information as it gets posted.

*There will be an updated list of guests on within a week. If you have the means to support us, please do. Reaching people in this age of censorship is EXPENSIVE. We do not want to charge for it because the people who need it the most cannot afford it. If you can help, please donate, but if you cannot, please use your platforms to get the word out.

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*What divides us is not as important as what unifies us. There is a creeping medical dictatorship that is coming into view, and we need every voice in this rhetorical battle. Help us fight. Join us live.

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