EXCLUSIVE: Socialist UN “Human Rights” Chief LIED About Being a Doctor, Lawsuit Says

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, a notorious Socialist operative, has been involved serious wrongdoing and even criminal activities, according to documents obtained by The Liberty Sentinel.

The top United Nations official dealing with “human rights” has already been exposed for her involvement in a massive Latin American corruption scandal involving a powerful international network of communists and crony tycoons.

Among other charges, Bachelet was accused of accepting bribe money from a major company during her successful 2013 presidential campaign on the Socialist Party ticket. Her diplomatic immunity as a UN official has prevented further investigation.

Now, The Liberty Sentinel received a document from sources in Latin America involving a lawsuit against Bachelet for illegally posing as a medical doctor.

In summary, the plaintiff in the case argued that the evidence proves it was not possible for Bachelet to be an actual physician–much less an epidemiologist and pediatrician. Citing documents and facts, the suit alleges criminal fraud.

According to the filing, the plaintiff discovered a series of anomalies in Bachelet’s supposed profession when he participated in an investigation for the Chilean Congress.

Basically, the dates don’t match up, the plaintiff said. For instance, the plaintiff pointed to Bachelet’s date of entry to Communist East Germany, where she defected after Chilean military officials, acting at Parliament’s direction, removed communist dictator Salvador Allende.

The timeline does not line up with her supposed years of study, since Bachelet first studied in Communist East Germany and then would have had to finish some of her education at the University of Chile.

According to the filing, the university in Germany does not have any agreement with the University of Chile to have been able to validate part of her studies.

The university in the former Communist slave state of East Germany (GDR) also does not seem to have records of her having studied at that university, the complaint says.

Multiple witnesses whose statements appear in the document also allege that they spoke with Bachelet and that she confessed to not having a medical degree.

And yet, Bachelet continues to portray herself as a doctor using a “copy” of a supposed degree.

The university says it does not have the original, nor does it have documentation that proves that she graduated from there, according to the complaint.

Faced with the lawsuit, Bachelet has thus far not been able to prove that she is actually a doctor.

Chilean courts and prosecutors have consistently refused to investigate this scandal so far, perhaps due to Bachelet’s diplomatic immunity as a UN official. However, that immunity ends when her UN job does, so analysts say she will not be able to hide forever.

As The New American magazine reported last year, Bachelet is also facing major corruption allegations. Among other concerns, officials discovered that her presidential campaign was being financed by corrupt companies in other nations.

All of it was part of a scheme by the Marxist network known as the Foro de Sao Paulo, founded by mass-murdering communist dictator Fidel Castro, the Sandinistas, the narco-terror group FARC, and former Brazilian President (and convicted criminal) Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva.

Using money looted from taxpayers, the communist network was helping to finance communist and socialist candidates and revolution throughout Latin America. Bachelet appears to have been a beneficiary.

Bachelet did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The entire complaint can be found here:

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  1. Esta mujer es corrupta por donde se le mire. Ella y toda su familia. Fue la que inició la destrucción de Chile, pero tarde o temprano está delincuente tendrá que pagar con cárcel sus fechorías. Hoy tiene impunidad pero no será para siempre. VIVA CHILE. FUERA LOS COMUNISTAS DE CHILE.

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