War on Children, Health, Truth & YOU! | Liberty Hour w/ Alex Newman Jan 27, 2023

After breaking down the news on Liberty Hour about deepening U.S. involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war, Congress fights, Biden’s absurd judicial nominees, fair tax, technocracy, march for life, attacks on gun rights, the latest on the mRNA injections, Epstein, Antifa, eating bugs, and more, host Alex Newman brings on three incredible guests.

First up is Ann Vandersteel with the Zelenko Freedom Foundation to unpack the latest in the battle for health freedom and the new Pfizer sting by Project Veritas exposing their efforts to mutate viruses to sell more injections.

Next comes Maryam Henein to expose the George Floyd psyop and the Color Revolution it started. Her investigation and documentary are beyond explosive, and totally shred the propaganda narrative spun by the government and the fake media.

Finally, former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas explains why–after serving in virtually every position in the public school system including the top spot–she concluded government schools cannot be saved.

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