WATCH| Mitt Romney Heckled “TRAITOR” on Airplane Heading to DC

1/5/2021- Things are not going well if you are considered part of the “establishment” in Washington, DC right now. Republican senator, and former Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney found that out on an airplane.


You can hear the crowed chanting “TRAITOR” all around Romney, who does not seem to acknowledge the group.

Mitt Romney was once a darling of the Republican party, but it seems like those days are over. As the Republican party continues to become more populist, this raises a valid question of who can still consider themselves to be a Republican. Has the party split into an “establishment” and a “working-class populist” party, or is this a trend that will simply go away?

Romney has been a punching bag for President Trump over the last four years. The most memorable moment is when President Trump took Mitt Romney out for dinner.

That did not end well.

Can the “establishment” politicians like Mitt Romney hold any control of the Republican party after the last 4 years?

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