PODCAST- Catholic Prophecy in 2021 with Eric Gajewski

In our first full interview of 2021, we talk to Catholic author and host Eric Gajewski of TradCatKnight.org. Eric hosts up to 4 interviews per day ranging from Catholic Prophecy, economics, survival, secret societies, and more. While the daily news seems to get more hyperbolic and confusing, we try to look at the world from a Catholic perspective. In this interview, we pull from Eric’s personal research, day-to-day interviews, and experiences in the Catholic Church. While we try not to add more stress to an already “woke” 2021, we explored what spiritual factors could be at play in this “Brave New World”. While some of the ideas may seem far-fetched to a non-believer, MORE news was breaking about “aliens” as we started to talk.

In this first episode of “Live on Liberty”, we explore; Faith, freedom, tribulation, The Great Reset, “aliens”, and even Revelations. Last year, we did not do many Faith-based interviews, and we are booking right now to host as many shows as possible. Contact [email protected] for booking as we start our new page 10pm EST on www.dlive.tv/LibertyPUSH

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2 thoughts on “PODCAST- Catholic Prophecy in 2021 with Eric Gajewski”

  1. I thought this to be a website which expressed Christian views.
    More than once I have found it to be contrary.
    Giving a platform to foul-mouthed presenters and now the counterfeit system of Christianity called Roman Catholicism.

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