“We are sacrificing our children to … Ba’al and Molech,” warns Glenn Beck

“We are sacrificing our children to … Ba’al and Molech,” warned Glenn Beck at the historic First Landing1607 Project, touting Alex Newman’s call for parents to get their children out of government schools. “Stop trusting the experts!”

Radio titan Glenn Beck, the keynote speaker for the event, was clear in expressing his view that returning to God and the covenants formed with Him by America’s forefathers was the only way to rescue the nation from the abyss.

“We are a covenant people,” Beck declared. “This is the only way we save America.” Other speakers and organizers agreed: If Americans do not return to God and the covenants made by their ancestors, there will not and cannot be any restoration of the nation.   

In his keynote address, the media baron explained that this battle was not “right versus left” or Republicans versus Democrats, but rather “elites” versus the people. But he sounded very optimistic about America’s prospects.

“Satan thinks he’s going to win. He is in for a real surprise,” Beck argued. “God only has to say to Satan, ‘you’re dismissed.’ Because we’re not God, we have to say, ‘in the name of Jesus Christ, get out’.”

Still, protecting children is critical. Among other concerns, he pointed to the widespread idolization of smart phones, saying many people were now literally worshipping their devices with their heads bowed.

As an illustration of the evil that is overtaking the nation, he noted that Minnesota Democrats were removing language from state laws stating that pedophiles are not a protected class.

As such, Americans must protect their youth from government schools and “experts.” In his own talk cited by Beck, Alex Newman points out that despite the covenant created between those first settlers in 1607 and God, Americans turned their backs on Him when they decided to allow godless government to educate their children in defiance of the Bible’s clear admonitions.

Only obedience can restore the United States, he added.

Watch Alex’s talk calling on parents to remove their children from government schools if they want to restore America and more importantly, be obedient to God:

Watch the full First Landing 1607 Project Day here:

First Landing 1607 Project 4/26/23 Main Event Stream from His Freedom on Vimeo.

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