WEF Polycrisis, Saving Freedom & Holding Biden Accountable | Liberty Hour

In this episode of Liberty Hour on AMP, journalist Alex Newman breaks down the new term “polycrisis” used by the World Economic Forum to push its Great Reset agenda of evil.

Also exposed in the news segment is the war on Americans’ free speech being waged by the WEF, the United Nations, the European Union, and Democrats in the United States. Alex even gives the history of this.

The little-noticed but extremely important “Declaration of North America” to surrender U.S. sovereignty and build a North American Union gets exposed, as well as the agenda to accelerate the mass migration into the United States.

Before wrapping up the news segment, Alex offers updates on the effort to expose the mass deaths from the Covid injections, federal and state attacks on gun rights (and sheriffs standing in the gap), a crazy plan to give black people reparations in San Francisco, the FAA changing EKG requirements for pilots (to avoid grounding those with vax injuries), the Biden effort to restore mask mandates on planes, and more.

The first guest on this episode of Representative Heather Scott of Idaho, co-chair of the Freedom Caucus and a leading defender of freedom in the House of Representatives. She talks about how state and local officials can and must protect the rights of their constituents, and how everyone must get involved. (Continues below)

Next up Alex interviews Col. Chris Wyatt (Ret). on Biden’s classified documents. He says Biden should probably be charged under the Espionage Act and that this is a HUGE scandal.

Finally, Alex features evangelist and Christian leader John Dyslin, author of the popular book Nehemiah Strong to help Christians understand what to do in these uncertain times.

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