WEF, WHO & UN All Target Your Health, Speech-and YOU! Alex on OAN

The World Economic Forum has announced that “misinformation” is the NUMBER 1 threat to the world, but what they really mean is that truth is the top threat to their evil agenda, explains journalist Alex Newman on this episode of In Focus with OAN’s Alison Steinberg.

Along with its “strategic partners” at the United Nations and the World Health Organization, these globalist organizations are targeting free speech as well as control over your healthcare, Alex explains. Government domination of healthcare is critical to control of every other area of life.

Ultimately, these organizations and the shadowy forces behind them hope to silence truth and dissent, as they are terrified that Americans and humanity are waking up to their lies and evil. They may even unleash a pandemic “20 times more deadly” than Covid. However, they are in a race against time, as billions are waking up already.

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