What Does God Say About Government & Education?

God has a lot to say about government and education in His Word, the Holy Bible, according to Liberty Sentinel Editor Alex Newman and his two guests during this unique talk-show program.

In this special episode of Alan Keyes’ show Let’s Talk America, which Alex guest hosts every other week, Pastor Gabe Blomgren of Covenant Church and former City Councilman Caleb Collier of “Church & State radio” weigh in on the issues.

Among other topics, the three discuss Romans 13 and what that means in terms of the Christian’s duty to submit to government. All agree that this does not mean blind and total submission even to ungodly and wicked decrees.

Rather, as the Bible makes clear in Acts 5:29, “it is better to obey God rather than men.”

Collier, who serves as the West Coast Field Director for the constitutionalist John Birch Society, says the Bible informed much of America’s founding, including representative government.

Pastor Blomgren, meanwhile, explains that government must continue to follow biblical principles if it hopes to govern properly. Otherwise, disaster results.

On education, all three agree that God intended parents–not the state–to be primarily in charge of raising the next generation. This is actually a biblical mandate, not an “optional” idea.

Hosted from the Church & State radio-show’s studio at Covenant Church, this special episode delves into all those “controversial” issues and questions people are told they can’t talk about: politics and religion.

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