What Is QAnon aka Q? Should We Trust The Plan? Q&A With Dustin Nemos

Everybody is talking about QAnon or “Q” lately–including Trump, Q followers say–but seems to be quite sure who or what “Q” actually is. Is Q the most elaborate and insane psyop in history? Or is it for real? Is America truly in the process of being rescued from satanic pedophiles in high places?

To find out, Liberty Sentinel reached out to Dustin Nemos, one of the most prominent figures in the fast-growing Q movement. You won’t want to miss this one. You will be hearing a lot more about Q in the weeks and months to come. TLS does not claim to know one way or the other. But who better to ask about it than one of the people who have studied Q for longer than anyone else?

Among other things, Nemos helped write and compile the best-selling book QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening. He also has a popular Youtube channel and website. He answers The Liberty Sentinel’s questions below.

What is Q and why people should be paying attention to this?

Q is a strategy, a team, and a movement. It’s every patriot who is awake to the deep state, to some degree. Beyond that, it began as a highest level (POTUS/TRUMP Inner circle, less than 10) secret military encrypted disclosure and grassroots resistance to propaganda campaign. And much like you would expect from launching such a truth movement takeover from within hostile territory – they relied on anonymity (Harkens back to the Foundation of America and Anon patriots publishing things like Common Sense), grassroots viral movement, social proofs, Socratic method (asking questions, mostly!), and plausible deniability (layered communication strategies to avoid violating national security laws).

The goals seem self evident, especially with so much time past now to give this answer context (4.15.19 as of this writing):

1. Create an organized Pushback against Fake News propaganda from the grassroots to coincide with Trumps “Fake News” Campaign – Art of War (Hammer from both sides, assure victory from use of risky tactic to take on All of MSM at once) – Check. (Fake news are OVERCOOKED at this point, Fox News aside)

2. Plant the seeds (Beginning to sprout now) of the coming Justice movement/phase of the plan, where traitors must be arrested to restore trust in our government. Not only is it clear that Q and Trump understand this, it’s self evident.

3. Prepare the Chaos-Response management of millions of ‘woke’ patriots who know when often ahead of schedule to expect difficult-to-accept news or major changes ahead of time (Ready to console nation and break down what this really means instead of letting MSM fake news steer narrative)

4. Cognitive Dissonance, explained by this image (Fertile Ground for red-pilling people, also drives the weak minded crazy hence Triggered left – This is where Peaceful Revolutions Happen)

5. Expose and nullify the Democrat “playbook”

6. Teaching people the effective pushback strategies of ‘the game’ (of power) and how to engage the Guerilla Left (Marxists, Communists, race-baiting divide and conquer strategies combined with hoax crimes and false flags and spin and represented by the stories they choose to focus or ignore. Example being they shout lies – whisper retractions if at all. They ignore Obama’s top lawyer being indicted, they spend a year on Trump’s people being indicted for something unrelated to Trump at all…Demonstrably so.

Because they are complicit. Either the media – as Wikileaks has shown in bed with the DNC and Clintons, or the intellectual class (Always attracted to idealistic alternatives such as socialism, with no practical experience or hardship to contend with – always easy to be conspicuously generous with other peoples money after all) Or the poor and dependent welfare class (An insult to the Regular poor who seek to escape poverty through hard honest work – An American Tradition) who are directly bribed to vote for these policies and will generally follow this basic incentive prerogative.

How did you get involved in this movement?

I’ve always been there, on the internet, ya know? Following the rabbit holes where they may go. Learning just how bad it all is, who is involved, what they have done, who they have done it too. I’ve been silently incubating this information since 15 – I’m 32 now and I have a daughter. I could no longer excuse my ineffectiveness in the marketplace of ideas (I was debating before, on social media, honing myself but with little result to show for it)

There’s nowhere to run from this, the line in the sand is now. And although “I don’t want trouble, if it must come – let it come in my time, so my children may know Peace.”

What is some of the evidence that makes you believe Q is the real deal?

100+ separate coincidences such as the ‘deltas’ where Q and Trump will often post things (8chan for Q, Twitter for Potus – or in his speeches and movements) that coincide in timing – recent example since Q has become more ‘blatant’ (justice phase now, next chapter of the Q Saga is coming with the promised arrests beginning, I suspect – and just look at where Barr is going now, old Clinton coverups, exposing FBI and DOJ, and Obama Himself.) would be the times he does numerous ‘deltas’ in the same day, with 0 seconds between. What are the odds of that happening numerous times in one day, numerous days per month, over and over for years? What are the odds of them often saying very similar things and Q often saying it first (normally deltas are a bit more discreet and less brazen and often Q will sort of pre-empt Trump’s messages with something very similar. Or that of other major government accounts generally military. It can get eerily close. I’ve heard all sorts of theories to explain away these obvious evidences and patterns – often with a heap of ridicule piled on top for good measure and often from the same folks attacking Trump nonstop (and Q second only to trump..))

This is 1 line of reasoning – with itself hundreds of separate examples. Of why I suspect Q is the real deal, and I come at this from a debate, logic, reason, evidence perspective – I do not believe in wishful thinking. I would be a poor investor if I did. I follow the Fruit of the Tree Doctrine often, and Q’s got great results – A galvanized and organized community of Truthers who are having fun, energized, and having victories – that’s the real power of Q, this open source investigative power that is beyond all power on the planet to reveal that which is hidden (beyond things like the NSA, of course. Which team Q seem to firmly control, by the way – they have ALL the dirt on team Evil) Q is just a huge flashlight and a basic Patriots training guide to the Deep State at this point. The average person will never have the time to truly decode Q posts in the raw, but you won’t really need to as the community archives everything and gives context on places like www.Qproofs.com and my own websites and videos. The Internet Never Forgets, once public pressure tips – Arrests are inevitable. Q often says No One Who Plays The Game Gets a Pass. No One.

There are others, how about the times he had advanced knowledge of terrorist attacks (Subway bomber NYC, the Dud) or Barlow dying before he died? How did he know Hillary was Codename: Alice a year before everyone else (And don’t even ask me about the Bloody Wonderland and White Rabbits…One rabbit hole at a time and I’m late for a very important date…)

Alice: ‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’
`That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
`I don’t much care where–‘ said Alice.
`Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.
`–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,’ Alice added as an explanation.
`Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, `if you only walk long enough.’”

How do you respond to allegations by the fake media that it’s a “conspiracy theory”?

What is the first thing a criminal calls a victim who comes out? Liar/Crazy/Etc. You get the idea. Man of the MSM were involved with the Clintons directly and support the DNC Marxist Agenda to destroy America. This came out in the Wikileaks (which is why all the TrumpRussia hysteria to begin with, not to mention it leads back to Seth Rich and the DNC Server and Bill Binnie proving it wasn’t the Russians and it was a thumb drive and Assange offering a reward for the murderer of Seth Rich etc etc ad nauseum. Mueller somehow still went off the ‘Muh Russian Hacks’ narrative, of course (Talk about Conspiracy Theories… That one is a doozy.) And as of right now, Matt Couch is still facing a gag order and can’t speak about the situation but he was bringing out evidence implicating Donna Brazille at the hospital on the morning of Seth Rich’s Murder, and she claimed to be out of state that day etc. And it’s turning into a serious Rabbit Hole in and of itself. And Suddenly she’s back on Fox… But I digress. The Swamp is Deep my friends. Look how many have been exposed and once that Obama Propaganda money ran out, how many were laid off en masse. No one really cares what the Fake Media say anymore online – and that is where most information now comes from. Everything else is patience and inevitability. Oh and look into Operation Mockingbird and how the CIA actually popularized the term Conspiracy Theory (as the best living form of appeal to ridicule logical fallacy I can think of) to stop Truths from spreading. These agencies are always in opposition in interests to the American People. Nothing good goes on in those Shadows called National Security.

What are your thoughts on Trump?

God Emperor Potus? Just Kidding. I support who I think is a good man with a history of sticking up for the people. From defending victims of thugs on the street himself to helping the poor and ill – he’s a champion of the people and always was. I criticize what I think is a mistake, but frankly I also understand that he fully comprehends Art of War strategies (read his book) and I tend to read between the lines when he speaks. He will not announce his moves to the enemy and will often confound them (which even Q has addressed as “Disinfo is Necessary” to throw off the bad guys – often Q will have some buildup and suddenly the left rains down full triggered/hoax crimes suddenly as though they were afraid of something coming – expending their ammo. Do you ever remember hearing about ‘deep fake’ videos before Q mentioned HRC’s Video? Socratic method – Socrates was a heckuva guy.) Trump himself is keeping his promises, delivering us from the deep state cabal, prying the parasites from our throats, and I’d take a bullet for that man. It speaks loudly that he’s the one politician who has LOST a significant portion of money going into politics instead of becoming wealthy from going in (Source: Wikileaks). And that the rest of them (who took the latter choice, often) are attacking him nonstop with sophistry and spin)

How do we explain things like the USMCA, which undermines US sovereignty?

I don’t like it either. I don’t pretend to have every answer, but I doubt Trump would give us a bad deal if he had any choice in the matter. Remember most of the government are Obama Holdovers and he is largely making the best of a mutinous crew. I trust the man to some extent for his past courage and results.

Are you optimistic about the future of America? Why or why not?

For the first time, yes! I was a nihilist most of my life. A steady diet of everything dark in the world in a mind not ready to handle it will do that. Trump showed me that victory was possible and reignited Hope. Q showed me how to help be effective in the fight. The birth of my firstborn, Athena (Who just stood up on her own for the first time 2 days ago!) gave me the why. Now I just fight for truth nonstop and I see the shift, the pattern, the trends. Good is winning big despite the matrix illusion of pessimism. Personified by Trump himself and his many endless victories.

Tell us about your book QAnon: An invitation to the Great Awakening. What is the Great Awakening?

Being a Truther used to be a thankless job. And you were often ignored and ridiculed as a crazy person even if you had infallible arguments – it was a de facto silencing. Now, millions of patriots are supporting a burgeoning Truth Media and raising up new voices to contest the deceivers. The Cognitive Dissonance resulting from this is fueling the Great Awakening and adding to the MAGA (and Q) Movements.

Between Q, Truther Media, Anons memetic Warfare, and Trump’s Bully Pulpit (Flashlights, all) The Roaches are performing some very intricate dance moves lately to avoid the light, and they are slipping. For them, these muscles are out of shape.

QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening was a collaborative project by some of us who have helped spread the Q movement from a seedling to where it is today. It showcases our stories, what we have learned (Across a wide variety of areas) in this movement and time, and more importantly it’s a great Redpill book to help understand just what Q is and how Q works. Incidentally you can buy it on www.DustinNemos.com or the coming UnchainedSpeechAmerica.US Bookstore I’m launching to make sure speech can never be censored and give patriots a potential place to publish important works.

What do you recommend that everyday Americans do to help restore liberty and stop evil?

Speak truth in the face of evil, cowardice, ignorance, complacency and dread discomfort. Turn the Light up until there’s no place left for Darkness to hide. But don’t do it alone – form up MAGA community and have fun with it. Champion a Cause – whatever you’re passion may be. Protecting the innocent or exposing the corrupt (I’m a mix.) And use your talents to help this cause, it’s worthy of you and you’re gonna make a lot of new friends with quality people.

What else did we miss that you would like to speak on?

I’ll Debut it here first, as it’s only been hinted at until now. But I am planning to unite Patriots against Censorship. Many influencers have already signed on including John McAfee and many within the Q and Truth Media space that I know. And I haven’t even really begun to tell the world about this yet.

Where can people learn more about you and your excellent work?

Until they ban me again, the conversation continues daily at Dustin Nemos2 on Youtube & www.DustinNemos.com

For a recent video interview we did with Dustin, see What is Q / QAnon? Is It Legit? Dustin Nemos Answers

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