What to Do If You Were Vaccinated & Lessons From the Pilgrims

Embark on a soul-searching journey with us as we examine America’s moral compass through the prism of sacred teachings, and the Nehemiah Institute’s Peers Test. This episode isn’t just a checkup; it’s a spiritual awakening. Dr. James Thorp then provides a poignant look into the concerning health trends post-COVID injections. His message is a beacon of hope in the storm of rising cancer and heart issues, coupled with actionable advice for those affected.

Delving into the history with Heed the Pilgrims on Socialism and Critical Race Theory: Events of 400 Years Ago That Provide Needed Insights for Americans Today author Nathaniel Sullivan, we unearth the Pilgrims’ dance with socialism and their timely switch to free enterprise, a story that contradicts many a leftist narrative. Sullivan’s insights shed light on the Pilgrims’ true rapport with Native Americans and the power of gratitude. The discussion serves as a reminder that history, when viewed through the lens of truth, can be a formidable ally in today’s cultural discourse.

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