What’s REALLY in your Children’s Books?

Children’s books are no longer clean and free of sexual content, and there are even more hidden issues beyond those, warns “Between the Covers: What’s inside a Children’s Book” author Deborah DeGroff in this interview on The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman.

Over thirty years ago, Deborah DeGroff—a wife and grandmother—became interested in the subject of children’s books when her oldest child began to read. While reading the then-current literature of the eighties, she noted the contrast between those books and the books she had read as a child. Upon reading more, curiosity then shifted to concern. This spawned a lifetime of research and a resounding cry for parents to look inside the books their children are reading.

Also joining the show to comment is author Linda Goudsmit, who is currently working on her newest book “Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier––Reality Is.” The book exposes the sinister effort in American schools to interrupt children’s ability to test reality test. Attacking a child’s most fundamental identity, his sexual identity, is a monstrous abuse of government power: Distinctions often have enormous consequences, she warns.

In News, Alex goes through:

–We’ve talked about the threat to sovereingty of WHO treaty. Yesterday we had Dr. Breggin on to discuss. Also a concern is “equity” blabber. US would be forced to hand over supplies, meds, etc to WHO for global re-distribution.

–Antony Blinken promoting UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 75th anniversary–imagine saying such things about our declartion of independence

–Indeed, the UN’s “human rights” are diametrically opposed to the unalienable, God-given rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, or even traditional Western notions of human rights.

–Impostor Gov. Katie Hobbs has settled it once and for all: She is not working for the Sinaloa cartel! She said so!!

–I began looking into Sinaloa over a decade ago. They have been deeply intertwined with US intel and law enforcement. We discussed last night on Brannon Howse’s show on this network.

–Critical Race Theory And Gender Ideology Are Ubiquitous In US Schools, New Study Shows: A Manhattan Institute study confirms that K-12 schools are effectively indoctrinating students into radical — revolutionary, even — political ideologies.

–British govt considered slaughtering all pets to fight Covid, the former health minister admits.

–Florida Senate considers the “Ultimate Cancel Act” which would ban any party or organization that has previously supported slavery in its platform (see: Democrats).

–Rep. Chip Roy had some very harsh words for fellow Republicans who are doing nothing to stop the Biden administration on open borders, weaponized government, crazy spending, etc

–Bankruptcy filings across the United States have surged to their highest level since the last time we had a Democratic president — Barack Obama in 2009.

–For the past year, the Biden administration and the Federal Reserve have been struggling to combat runaway inflation and the resulting wage-price spiral without causing a recession.

–Video smuggled out from J6 gulag showing the imprisoned patriots praying for our nation.

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