What’s Really Up With Ukraine? Deep State Seeking New World Order

Text written by Alexandra Bruce, Forbidden Knowledge TV

For all of the vilification outwardly being heaped upon Putin by the establishment, the sanctions being placed on Russia by this same establishment will do a lot more to hurt the West than they will to hurt Russia.

The Biden Regime is negotiating with Iran and Venezuela to buy oil. They will literally do anything to avoid restarting the Keystone pipeline and anything to prevent US energy independence, even in the face of this immense crisis that they’ve created.

On Monday, we saw Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tell people who can’t afford $4 gas that they should buy $60k Electric Vehicles. It should be clear by now to even the dumbest people that, together with the promotion of this war, the Climate Change agenda being promoted by the Globalists is about collapsing the West, ending the Petrodollar and ending the US dollar as a reserve currency. Everything we see from the propped-up corpse of a Biden Presidency is about the Globalists’ controlled demolition of American sovereignty, power and prestige.

The World Economic Forum is now suddenly mass-deleting their cyber attack “plans” from their websites, which they admit will kill millions of people and they’ve also deleted their profiles of Vladimir Putin, who was one of the earliest graduates of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program.

This has some wondering whether the former KGB agent was spying on the Globalist organization to protect Russia’s interests or if he was being trained for his role as a major player in the New World Order agenda?

The New American magazine’s Alex Newman has an answer to that question: “The Russians are deeply in bed with these clowns at the World Economic Forum. Putin’s central bank chief is on the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees. Vladimir Putin is good friends with Henry Kissinger, the ultimate New World Order Deep State toady here, in the United States; the Rockefeller poodle who made his living serving as a shill for the New World Order.

“So what comes next? They’re going to bring in a central bank digital currency. The Ukrainians are working on this big time. We’re seeing massive things taking place, This is all by design and it’s all engineered…

“You’ve got Zelenskyy demanding that the EU immediately grant membership to Ukraine…Zelenskyy has also called on the United Nations ‘court’ – the kangaroo court – to step in and stop the Russian invasion…

“We see the Finnish government talking about how they’re going to join NATO. We see the Swedish government talking about ‘maybe we’re going to join NATO,’ as a result of this invasion from Putin.

“And so, what they’re doing, Folks is they’re demolishing sovereign nation-states, they’re amalgamating them all into these freakish regional orders, exactly like Henry Kissinger explained in his book, ‘World Order’.

“He said the key to achieving world order is getting these countries involved in these regional orders and then merging all those regional orders together.

“Folks, that’s exactly what Putin has been trying to do for many, many years and we’ve been exposing it all here, on the New American.

“He’s building a Eurasian Union with the former Soviet States and he has said publicly that this future Eurasian Union should be fused with the European Union to have a free trade area, stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, Folks.

“We are being played. Don’t line up behind Putin. Don’t line up behind this kleptocratic Far-Left radical extremist government in Ukraine, none of them are your friends. Don’t line up behind the European Union, Folks. You don’t have to choose one or the other. That’s what the Deep State does. They give you two false choices, they let us all line up behind one and we can argue with each other and no matter which one wins, they win.”

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