When Speech Stops, the Killing Starts

Benjamin Franklin observed that, “Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without Freedom of Speech.”

Alex Newman, international journalist and Liberty Sentinel CEO, joins the Citizens for Free Speech podcast with Patrick Wood to discuss the importance of the First Amendment and Americans’ God-given right to free expression.

3 thoughts on “When Speech Stops, the Killing Starts”

  1. We are facing a psychological war that bleeds into the physical realm. The apostle Paul made it clear that the war is won or lost in the strongholds that plague our minds. Once again, the Bible proves accurate in the clarification of truth and conduct. Children are attacked mercilessly by satanic indoctrination. The only solution is raising your child as God prescribed or the great tribulation will be on us very soon. We lost the battle when the world expelled God from every institution, even the church. Today the result of disobedience is more apparent in the biggest war ever for the minds of the innocent. The only logical inference from this is that reality is built on the pillars of scripture, yet the world grows increasingly blind to this.

    1. Patton was spot on, thus they nuked him in hospital before the American public could learn from his experience.

      The Nazi leaders were mostly crypto J’s that led Germany into defeat; all his descendants, and about ~25 were found, all had the Cohen haplotype which likely explains all his ‘oopsy’ military ‘mistakes which likely were deliberate. (The claim he was NOT a Freemason due to ‘attacking them’ as did Lenin has been debunked.)

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