Why the U.S. Must Exit the United Nations and How YOU Can Help

“There are so many reasons why we ought to get out of the United Nations,” says Alex Newman, an investigative journalist who has been reporting since 2009 on the unconstitutionality and immorality of U.S. involvement in the United Nations. 

By condensing 15+ years of research, interviews, and articles, this short film provides some of the reasons why the U.S. must exit the UN and action items for how you can help make it happen.

How You Can Help

  1. Call your Congressman and say that getting the U.S. out of the United Nations is important to you as an American. Discover who your representative is and view their contact information here: house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative
  2. Read and share helpful materials provided by The John Birch Society on why America should exit the United Nations by visiting JBS.org/un

4 thoughts on “Why the U.S. Must Exit the United Nations and How YOU Can Help”

  1. The Council on Foreign Relations Ensured The Establishment of the United Nations
    read all about it
    Chatham House/RIIA England’s deep state is working with the CFR deep state to produce a rules based international one world govern-ment. Both organizations grew out Rhodes/Rothschild Roundtable group and were formally established 100 years ago in 1921 following the Paris Peace conference where they negotiated a League of Na-tions and Moving all European Jews to Israel. Both efforts failed so they the CFR & RIIA intel agents left in Germany after WWI directed and produced WWII and gave us Adolf Hitler — a villain the whole world could hate so the the UK & US 99% working class livestock would sport fighting WWII.

    In 1944 members of the Council on Foreign Relations The War and Peace Studies Political Group were invited to be active members at the Dumbarton Oaks conference on world economic arrangements. In 1945 these men and members of Britain’s Royal Institute of International Affairs were active at the San Francisco conference which ensured the establishment of the United Nations.
    read more>


  2. I’m all for the U.S. quitting the UN and while we are at it let’s evict them and build low income housing in that bif useless building after they gone.

  3. Politicians have been talking about leaving the UN since I was a teen in the “60s. Hasn’t happened yet and I doubt it will. I’m pretty sure that the UN building is not allowed to be used for any other purpose, according to its original charter. SJS

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