Alex Newman- OPEN UP! The Stimulus Bill and The Martial Law Debate on UTN

After months of collapsing small businesses, homes, and financial ruin, Congress thinks that 600 dollars will stop the coming “social unrest” for people who have lost everything. We go over the billion dollar package that was vetoed, martial law, and what we can all do. The WHO tells you not to hug your own family. Dr. Fauci flies to the North Pole to jab Santa, and we try to break down if one man can save any of us or if we are on our own. Merry Christmas, and THANK YOU for making UTN spread this year, and we hope the daily show continues down that path. We appreciate all of those who continue to support the show through shares, donations, or Patreons. We are here for contact, tips, or feedback at [email protected]. for a REAL take on the news and Merry Christmas to all. 

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