Ann Vandersteel on Holding Government Crooks Accountable

America is in decline, and now more than ever, freedom fighters need to stand firm, understand the spiritual battle at stake, and overcome evil with good, explained Ann Vandersteel in an exclusive conversation with Alex Newman for American Media Periscope.

“I am so concerned about the future of the country that if I end up going to jail like a January sixer because they don’t like what I said, so be it. There is going to be ten more behind me,” said Ann Vandersteel, President and Chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation. “We are going to keep coming,” Vandersteel explained.

In this special episode of Focal Point for American Media Periscope, Alex Newman, author of the book “Crimes of the Educators” and Liberty Sentinel CEO, interviews Ann Vandersteel to discuss the abuse of our U.S. Constitution, how to hold government crooks accountable, and understanding the spiritual battle America faces.

To view this episode of Focal Point and many others, click here.

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