Architect of Canada’s Bill of Rights: COVID Tyranny Unconstitutional

Imagine, as an American in this day and time, if you could access in real life one of the Founding Fathers of the nation and its Bill of Rights added to the Constitution in 1791. Imagine being able to present to them the current state of affairs to gauge their reaction. We can only imagine this, of course.

But in Canada, it turns out they still have one First Minister living who is an architect of that nation’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms set into the Canadian Constitution only 40 years ago. And he is speaking out clearly on the fact that governments in his nation are not legally allowed to abuse the rights of citizens in the way that is currently taking place.

Mr. Brian Peckford was Premier of the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador in the year this occurred 1981. In this interview by one of Canada’s top media intellects, Christian journalist (and friend of Liberty Sentinel) Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Mr. Peckford goes over all of his reactions, what the Charter was meant to do, and his concerns about the major push against it now under the guise of “public health.”

In contrast with America and its 50 states and governors, Canada has 10 provinces with premiers, and 3 territories. Watch the interview with former Premier and Charter architect Peckford below.

For guidance, below are the key talking point time stamps in the interview. In short, the main message from Mr. Peckford is that the governments in Canada cannot be doing what they are doing. You can also find other interviews by Laura-Lynn at her site

9 mins – Introduction and background on Mr. Peckford.

11 mins – Background discussion on the development of the document with some behind the scenes orientation. How Canada worked without a Charter from 1867 – 1981.

18 mins – All governments in Canada are in violation and abuse of many sections of the document.

20 mins – Governments are trying to hide behind section 1 of the document with discussion how this is not valid and what Section 1 actually applies to.

25 mins – Mr. Peckford reports he has written to all the current Premiers and sees the tactic of a lot of suppression in many processes including judicial. Laura-Lynn comments to him that doctors here do not even know about the VAERS reporting system.

31 mins – Reporting on his blog; that gets 10K-20K hits per day. Mr. Peckford goes over which Premiers stopped the Prime Minister in court in 1981 forcing him to go back to them at the table. Laura-Lynn mentions that history is repeating and Mr. Peckford comments it is no wonder the father and son were friends with Castro.

35 mins – Discussion about the final version of the Charter document and that three different groups have contacted Mr. Peckford to do an affidavit. He mentions he cannot wait to appear before a judge to report the unconstitutional mandates. Laura-Lynn mentions she has gotten several unconstitutional tickets and will use the current interview in her judicial processes.

40 mins – Mr. Peckford states that governments in Canada are standing on a hill of sand. Laura-Lynn asks him if we can write the Charter again, what would you change. His answer is perhaps not what she expected.

44 mins – Discussion on the growth and power shift to the Prime Minister office over the last 40 years.

49 mins – Mr. Peckford suggests that the Prime Minister had even tougher measures planned for Canada and has read into the situation intuitively that perhaps there was significant resistance to this from the Premiers.

51 mins – Despite his reaching out, not one of the current Premiers has offered to meet with him and what does that say?

53 mins – Discussion on the judicial systems and how decisions are made.

60 mins – Mr Peckford watches and reacts to the announcement by the Prime Minister of wide ranging travel restrictions. Says it is unconstitutional and the decision has no basis in science.

67 mins – Discussion on the strength of vitamin D and why a $65 charge to test this and $0 for a vaccine.

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