Are the Branch COVIDians a Cult? The Sentinel Report

The COVID fanatics are increasingly behaving like a cult, urging their followers to shun family members and friends who don’t “believe” while using fear and shame as manipulation tactics, argues host Alex Newman in the December 16 episode of The Sentinel Report on Frank Speech. These are the same tactics used by cultists for centuries.

More evidence of the cult nature of this movement comes from recent news polls suggesting that most vaxxed Americans would like to see special taxes imposed on their unvaxxed compatriots. Alex compares this to Islamic nations under Sharia, where non-Muslims must pay a “jizya” tax and suffer “dhimmi” status as second-class citizens.

Gemma O’Doherty

His guest this episode, Irish journalist and resistance leader Gemma O’Doherty, describes the escalating tyranny in Ireland, which she is now fighting at that nation’s Supreme Court. Despite its strong Catholic roots, Ireland has now become the “California” of Europe, Gemma says.

Alex also takes a handful of calls. One caller asks how conservatives can get better organized to help defeat the totalitarian forces, to which Alex responds that there must be caution to avoid more setups and false flags like what happened on January 6.

As usual, Alex spent a major part of the program discussing the news of the day. Individual news items with links are below.

Other news from December 16 episode:

–Only 5 GOP governors seeking to stop the Biden COVID vax mandate. Where are the rest?

–Vax orders for health workers in 26 states now back due to ruling by 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

–Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards mandating COVID injections for government school children. Remove them from school permanently!

–Special tax for unvaxxed? Poll by “Skynova, an invoicing software for small businesses,” found 2/3 of vaxxed favor it. This is cult behavior and the Branch COVIDIANS need to stop.

–Joe Rogan’s explosive interview with Dr. McCullough exposing vax dangers sending shockwaves through young America.

–Blow up SCOTUS? Fake Indian U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants to add at least 4 seats to the Supreme Court. Conservatives CANNOT win by playing by their rules.

–Entire Board of Supervisors in Nevada County, Calif., facing recall petition for COVID tyranny.

–“Collective Strength” exercise, led by Israel, simulated a cyber attack that brought down the global financial system and caused chaos and panic. The “war game” included bureaucrats from 10 countries — Israel, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Thailand — and representatives of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements. Be prepared.

–Amazon Web Services outage resulted in chaos as refrigerators, doorbells, lights, and more stopped working.

–Far-left New York Times columnist Charles Blow claims America is moving closer a civil war because states are standing up against unconstitutional Supreme Court opinions such as Roe v. Wade. Would advocates of baby murder wage war on fellow citizens to be able to keep butchering their babies? Maybe. Imagine the depravity of a mind willing to murder adults for the ability to continue murdering unborn babies.

–The issue is never the issue, but always the revolution, as Students for a Democratic Society used to say. Thus, transgenderism, which is being used as a weapon to usher in communism, literally, as this video proves.

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