Biden Admin. “Complicit” in Cartel Trafficking of People, Drugs: US Rep. Cammack

Congress must hold the Biden administration accountable for its Covid policies, the weaponization of government against political enemies, and the cataclysm taking place at the border, explained U.S. Congresswoman Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman.

The Biden administration has “lost” over 85,000 children, she explained. The border is such a mess that there are now more migrants flooding into the United States than American babies being born. And some of these people coming across the border will no doubt perpetrate terrorist attacks and more, she warned. Democrats are hoping for the votes. But the consequences will be disastrous for America, she said.

January and the funding debates in Congress will be the one leverage point lawmakers have to hold Biden accountable and get the border under control. Biden wants more money to process migrants faster. So now there will be a game of “chicken,” she said.

Rep. Cammack also blasted the administration’s “climate” policies for undermining U.S. energy and the economy while Communist China keeps building coal-fired power plants. Speaking on legislation to evict the United Nations, the congresswoman blasted the UN, saying the relationship with the United States needed to be reevaluated and that the organization should be defunded.

On the weaponization of government, she slammed the Biden administration and Big Tech. Incredibly, even foreign governments were involved in censoring Americans online, she said.

Congress must reclaim its powers from the executive and rein in “activist judges,” added Cammack.

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