Deep State Dissolving US Border ON PURPOSE!

The destruction of the U.S. border and the ongoing invasion of millions of fighting-age men into the United States is a deliberate ploy by the Deep State to destroy America on the road to world order, explains The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Alex also breaks down the ongoing battles in Congress to use the funding process to shut down the invasion and the real agendas behind this.

1 thought on “Deep State Dissolving US Border ON PURPOSE!”

  1. the globalist have already won they destroyed our military stood down in the red sea flooded our country with these illegal terrorist pushed homosexuality ideas on our society and we the people let this happen including yours truly our hope is now in christ as soon as Blinken pulls and cuts off military help to Israel it’s over for the US tell the nurse to call christ he can issue the last rights

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