Biden’s New Executive Orders Part of War on America

The latest executive orders from Joe Biden to force you to subsidize mortgages and have every single federal agency pursue “environmental justice” play into the broader War On America being waged against the United States and liberty, journalist Alex Newman tells One America News Network host Alison Steinberg on In Focus.

4 thoughts on “Biden’s New Executive Orders Part of War on America”

  1. Question. How long do ‘We the People’ , [ not the US citizen serf slave of the corporation of The United Sates- but the National American of one of the 50 states – who has taken action to free him/herself from the shackles of the feudal system and the 14th amendment, by filing a change of citizenship status with the Secretary of State ] how long do we have to wait for the real leaders to step up and organize some level of cohesive resistance???

    Within the ranks of Nationals ( some estimates say there are 25 million of us ) there must be some who will run for offices at local levels to begin to chip away at the juggernaut of deceit that is driving this country into the ground. Honesty, integrity, morality, basic goodness, wisdom, clarity : is all of this too much to ask for??
    What is IT? The motivation that causes those qualified individuals to enter the ring and attract to themselves those who will stand with them. Is it NOT time yet? It seems to me that we are well past the time to act. I am just asking the question.

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    Katherine Newman

    Boiling the frog in the name of “social justice”. Too bad our schools no longer teach what happened in China under Mao, Venezuela under Chavez/Maduro and on and on.

  3. This is exactly what I was thinking in regards to Socialism! Praying we survive until the next election but my hope is entirely in Christ!

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