Historic “First Landing” Event Will Rededicate America To God

A historic event to re-dedicate the United States to God and remind God of the covenant formed by the first English Christian settlers is set to take place in Virginia Beach on April 26, organizers Donica Hudson and Dr. John Diamond told Alex Newman on this episode of The Sentinel Report.

“We must go back to our origins as a Christian nation whose First Love is God, and re-dedicate our nation to God,” said Hudson, one of the key leaders behind the initiative. Her and Diamond offer a preview of what’s to come at the First Landing 1607 Gala event.

Aside from Alex, John and Donica, other speakers include Glenn Beck, David Barton, Bill Federer, Rev. Bill Cook of America’s Black Robe Regiment, and many more.

This exciting event will explore America’s True history which is God-fearing and Bible-based, going all the way back to the First Landing in 1607 where the colonists erected a cross, dedicating the land to God, and praying that America would evangelize the world–contrary to popular belief as anti-American propaganda has been taught in public schools since 1925.

In news, Alex goes through:

–On Wednesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy finally unveiled his plan — a bill that would raise the debt ceiling into next year — but would also slash federal spending by roughly $130 billion.

–Public schools would have to display Ten Commandments under bill passed by Texas Senate
The Senate also passed a bill that would set prayer and Bible reading times during the school day: Public schools in Texas would have to prominently display the Ten Commandments in every classroom starting next school year under a bill the Texas Senate approved Thursday. Senate Bill 1515 by Sen. Phil King, R-Weatherford, now heads to the House for consideration.

–Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) has affirmed that a “fundamental right to personal identity” includes the right to change one’s date of birth on government documents, vindicating conservative claims about the “slippery slope” of transgender ideology.
The ruling, issued December 3 and brought to light this week by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) International attorney Tomas Henriquez, concerns the proper interpretation of Section III of Article 1193 of the Family Code of the State of Sinaloa and whether it allows for birth dates to be changed on birth certificates prior to their registration.

–Global Citizen fest coming to NYC: WEF Yung Global Leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, as well as European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will join business, political and philanthropic leaders, as well as celebrities, including Hugh Jackman and John Legend, for this year’s edition of the Global Citizen NOW conference in New York City starting April 27. “Building a future that is fair, equal, and peaceful, with clean air and clean water for everyone, is at the heart of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and reflects the vision of the Global Citizen NOW summit,” Trudeau said in a statement. “In New York City, I look forward to advancing our shared progress.

–Biden issues new Executive Order, From The Declaration of Independence, He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance. Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All, will: Deepen the Biden-Harris Administration’s whole-of-government commitment to environmental justice. The new Executive Order makes clear that the pursuit of environmental justice is a duty of all executive branch agencies and should be incorporated into their missions. Expand interagency coordination and launch a new Office of Environmental Justice within the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Building on Executive Order 14008, the Executive Order adds agencies to the White House Environmental Justice Interagency Council to further a whole-of-government strategy to address current and historic environmental injustice. The Executive Order also establishes the White House Office of Environmental Justice, led by the Federal Chief Environmental Justice Officer, and tasks it with coordinating the implementation of environmental justice policy across the federal government, ensuring that federal efforts can evolve alongside our understanding of environmental justice.

–AOC brags about scamming Americans and sneaking her insane “climate” agenda–which Americans do not even believe in–into law by calling it “inflation reduction” and “infrastructure.” Shameful.

–Colorado lawmakers narrowly voted down a state House bill calling for the ban of so-called ”assault weapons” on Wednesday, in a vote that included three Democrats joining with the Republicans to defeat the measure.
The Colorado bill, HB23-1230, would have made it illegal to manufacture, import, purchase, sell, or transfer an “assault weapon” and prohibit a person from possessing a rapid-fire trigger activator. After hours of debate, the lawmakers voted down the bill in a 7-6 vote.

–Companies are laying low on ESG as backlash intensifies
Number of anti-ESG shareholder proposals: Companies don’t want to talk about their environmental, social and governance goals anymore, experts in ESG and communications tell Axios. A dozen financial companies, including BlackRock, Blackstone and KKR, now list anti-ESG efforts as a risk in their annual reports, the Financial Times recently reported.

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