Cashless & Controlled: COVID19 Push for Digital One World Currency

The move toward a cashless society and a one-world currency is accelerating due to COVID19, and that has dangerous implications for freedom and privacy, warned Freedom Force International Founder G. Edward Griffin and Liberty Sentinel chief Alex Newman.

Speaking during an interview with Tim Ray on the United Intentions Media Network show Frequency Wars, the liberty-minded “Red Pill Expo” and “Red Pill University” leaders said the trend was already underway long before corona-virus struck. But now, global elites are pushing the agenda into high gear.

Griffin, who wrote the legendary book exposing the Federal Reserve called The Creature From Jekyll Island, explained that the central bank is essentially a banking cartel designed to enrich the bankers. It was created during a secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia, by some of the world’s top bankers.

Those same bankers financed communists and revolution worldwide. Griffin warned about exactly what America is going through back in the late 1960s, Ray pointed out before showing a video of the prescient and eerie warnings.

Newman, meanwhile, spoke of how the International Monetary Fund was already stepping into the role of global central bank. The IMF’s proto-global currency known as Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are increasingly being pumped into the world economy as if they were a global reserve currency already.

Finally, Newman explained that all of this is happening in tandem with the push for transhumanism, digital currency, and technological implants. As the Bible warned 2000 years ago, there will come a day when people will not be able to buy or sell without submitting to the global elites’ demands.

Here is the promo text for the video by UI:

Payment cards and digital wallets were catching on before the spread of Covid-19, but the shift has accelerated now that we are months into the full effects of the virus.

Back in March, the WHO suggested that people should use cashless transactions as the virus may be spread through contaminated dollars and coins. They subsequently said that they were misquoted, but the idea caught on and people began avoiding using cash.

The use of contactless cards and mobile apps and wallets exploded for fear of contracting the virus through cash while even more stores opted to go cashless. Widespread lockdowns and contactless shopping gave e-commerce a boost and digital transactions increased even more.

According to Venmo’s CEO Dan Schulman, the growth of new customers setting up accounts each day is basically doubling from even before the coronavirus became a global pandemic.

Are we on our way to a cashless society? And was this the plan all along? So, is the move to a cashless society just an inevitable process in a more tech-savvy society, or is it a plan to have more control and surveillance over our every move, including what we are purchasing?

As we all know, all electronic payments can be tracked and traced so our every purchase and payments are known by the government. Along with contact tracing and increased surveillance, it sounds like we are well on our way in Agenda 21/30’s plan for complete control over the global citizen with a universal banking system.

Agenda 21/30 brings with it a One World Central Bank with a universal global currency. Seems like the recent coin shortage and the increase in electronic payments are moving us faster and faster along this path until we are all under this One World Order.

The end of cash may very well mean the end of our independence as the deep state creates a global cashless system, which is the ultimate globalist endgame.

Can you imagine a stranger not liking what you had to say and deleting any credits you had built up in participating in society? Think about that for a minute.

On the Frequency Wars show, on August 12th at 1 PM ET, only on, we welcome G. Edward Griffin, the founder of Freedom Force International and author of ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island,’ who has spoken out about the global cashless society. He is joined by an award-winning international journalist of The New American Magazine, Alex Newman, as they discuss Agenda 21/30’s plan in moving us towards a cashless society and a universally controlled international bank and monetary system.

What’s coming next and what can we do to stop it? Find out this dire information before it’s too late. You need to know.

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