Liberty Week| DITRH David Weiss on COVID 1984, Facemasks, and Plandemic

Click HERE for Tonight’s Interview with Hal Shurtleff of Camp Constitution.

*Viewer discretion advised. This year we have watched Moloch be placed in THE Colosseum, Marina Abramovic sign a deal with Microsoft, Marxist riots aim to demolish the nuclear family, and pure evil out in the open. There is also forced quarantines, face masks, forced vaccinations, fear propaganda, and more. The language in this podcast may be harsh, but we hope that you take what is important to you, and leave the rest.

David Weiss has been debating conspiracies for years. His website has helped numerous people see the tyranny that has been going on for years. We followed up on our COVID-19 predictions about lockdowns, militarized police, propaganda, and fear to see what came true. He believes the heart of the deception is that we have been lied to about our very existence. In a lot of ways, he is correct. When was the last time you thought about who you are and what the world actually is? Download, and join the fastest growing Liberty Movement to support independence and freedom!

Tonight, 8/13/2020- We speak to Hal Shurtleff, co-founder of Camp Constitution and freedom activist, to discuss how the Constitution and our Christian values are enough to turn the tide in this Marxist Culture War. You can find the live link by clicking HERE, or we will continue to update this page with our podcast version after we air it live.

We are dedicated to get to the truth. Without understanding the Constitution, Republic we live in, and Christianity, you may have a hard time understanding why things happen. We fully support non-violent views of any educator that is pushing back on this openly revolutionary narrative. While some of our guests have been maligned in the past, we aim to bring you the real story straight from the guest as we kick off our new media project. The only way it survives is by word of mouth, downloads, and participating in the conversation. THIS IS FOR YOU.

All of our guests have come on for free with the understanding that we will fully support their non-violent views, freedom of speech, and rhetorical war against Marxism in the US, and around the world. For further contact information, email Alex Newman, or email the link of this page. If you would like to support our independence, please visit so that we can continue to grow our reach and tell the truth.

God Bless.

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