Racist Billboard in IDAHO Claims “Black and Brown Folks” Built America

A racist billboard on the way into Boise, Idaho, featuring a burning police car claims “Black & brown folks built this country (and we’re doing it again).”

In reality, people of all skin tones helped build America.

How burning police cars helps “build this country” was not immediately clear.

The controversial billboard then urges passersby to “join us or get out of the way.”

The company hosting the billboard, Lamar, recently censored a billboard by the John Birch Society advocating the idea that “Freedom Is The Cure.”

However, the company apparently does not have a problem hosting billboard ads promoting drugs, sex, racism, violence against police, and other controversial products and ideas.

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“This message is for folks within impacted communities to know that people recognize them and see them and their power,” so-called “activist/organizer” Tanisha Jae Newton told local media about the message she put up with others. “These communities need hope and empowerment.”

Newton said the goal was to get the message out “by any means necessary,” a reference to Malcolm X, the radical revolutionary who viciously condemned interracial marriage, white liberals, and much else.

An article about the billboard in Boise Weekly was bombarded with a deluge of negative comments blasting the “racist,” “hateful,” “divisive,” and “dishonest” message.

This sort of racist hatred is being funded by taxpayers, too, as the flyer seen below from the Smithsonian on “Whiteness” and “White culture” shows.

A document put out by the tax-funded Smithsonian that is absolutely bonkers trying to “deconstruct” and demonize things that are falsely claimed to be “white.”

UPDATE: Lamar apologized for putting up the billboard and claimed it was a mistake due to an employee oversight. Here is their half-hearted apology from social media:


37 thoughts on “Racist Billboard in IDAHO Claims “Black and Brown Folks” Built America”

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      Arleen Patricelli Schinke

      I come from families of Italian immigrants who swung picks and shovels to build this country. They felt privileged to be here and to contribute. Just one nationality of the many from around the world who worked unceasingly to build this country and give their families a better chance at a good life.
      My own Father came here at age 4. He dug ditches to help out and afford an education. He graduated from Harvard Medical School and cared for those who needed his services any time of the day or night until he suffered a stroke later in life.

      1. Avatar
        Oracle Watchman

        Using the outline of success in America, the Chinese and Irish all have done well for themselves. So, you don’t see Chinese Lives Matter “protests”. The BLM grievance is due to a long overdue backlash against blacks who refuse to obey the laws, commit the highest number of crimes while holding a lower percentage of residency, have the poorest work ethics of any race in America. Consider that… after living here 401 years, most still refuse to become viable members of society. Many, if not most, still live by cultural standards as primitive as their ancestors’ jungle life. E.G. Ghetto life: murder, immorality, theft, refusing to care for their children, failure to become viable citizens, lack of work ethic, and systemic tribal racism that leads to genocide of their own race such as seen in Chicago.

  1. This is absolutely racist, a lie and disgusting. What away to let people who want to break America fall divide us. They have definitely exposed there is a big ignorant amount of people in this country.

  2. Yeah, Blacks and browns built America. What did my grandfathers do? One was a farmer and blacksmith the other a coal miner. Was their work nothing? BTW, very few blacks or browns working with them.

  3. A billboard like this is no different than a billboard promoting the KKK. Racism is wrong no matter the color, period.

    1. Racism isnt wrong. It is inevitable. The cultural standards, thought patterns, mental development of the races are all different. When they become extremely different such as between black and white.. friction and resentment develops. One side doesnt understand or value what the other does. When they act or say something about it it is labelled “racist”. The assumption.. your assumption is that this a wrong that has to be corrected. And of course the correction is always at whites expense. They must lower their standards, give up more of their culture, accept more violence, not speak out about whats happening. The levels of intimidation and lying to cover all this up is now beyond endurance. That you have noticed none of this and agree to it makes you party of the problem.
      In reality racial identity and cultural separation is natural, normal and in fact often essential to survival. Despite all your hand wringing and bleating about racism.. you want to be as far away from black areas as possible dont yoy? . Or are you working and saving up your money so that one day you can overcome racism and move to South Chicago, East St. Louis, or South LA. Or course not. Your words and actions are exactly opposite. Just standard Liberal conditioning on a supposedly Conservative blog. This shows how deep the brainwashing is.. how few escape it and how wretched the critical thinking skills of the average American are. Here is a helpful hint.. the Anti Racism project that you have signed up for was created by the Professional Left to destroy the country. You might check out a newspaper or turn on an TV and check out the riots as cities burn and violence explodes as Communist groups destroy every cultural norm and American city in the name of Anti Racism….that should get you to thinking about who is behind these so called “ideal” and their real intentions .. but , somehow it never does.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if not only the Mayor of Boise but some on the council hacve been bought and paid for by George Soros.

    1. Isnt the real question.. “Why is this billboard in Idaho?”.. Answer.. Idaho is one of the last nooks of traditional white America and the state reflects this. Low crime, unpolluted, efficient, friendly, trusting, no real political
      corruption, no large gaps between rich and poor. For the Left this is intolerable. Whites must be eradicated their tranquillity and culture destroyed.. and what better way to do this than to call whites “racists”. Stupid whites will fall all over themselves to prove they are not “racists”. Idaho will agree to the relocation of blacks, Mexican amnesties, Diversity training, Marxist indoctrination of children .. the whole Leftist control mechanism and soon very soon.. Idaho will be under Democrat control. You see .. despite all the platitudes, the speeches, the social justice is always about power and control And stupid whitey keeps playing along. Go on Idaho.. prove you are not “racist”… the Left dares you.

  5. I’m black and I live in Idaho. I am appalled to see this kind of messaging anywhere in the United States, especially during a time when others claim we need racial reckoning in this country. It’s this kind of rhetoric that tears others apart, not bring us together. I encourage everyone to read between the lines and understand that acts of racism will not end forms of racism in this country.

    1. Best comment I’ve read. So logical and accurate.
      “…acts of racism will not end forms of racism in this country.”

      IMO the BLM movement has done more damage to racism than can be quantified.

      PS-Remember Cannon Hinnant

    2. Because “Anti Racism” is always a Code Word for Anti White. And bringing “Anti Racism” to Idaho means the end of the state . And who knows this better than blacks? After all all you have to do is scream “RACISM” and the money and black preference programs flow in. Who knows.. if you play cards right you can turn Idaho into Chicago.. or Gary or Atlanta, or Newark or Baltimore.. and you can get elected to office!! or get a “do nothing” Government Job.. God knows whitey never learns how this game works.. you can get away with nearly everything. BTW.. I was in Idaho and I saw NO blacks anywhere. They simply dont exist. But stupid white Idahoans have no idea how nice their state so it should be easy to get them to give it away.

  6. Avatar

    Whoever payed for that billboard does not know American History. Guess who built the levee system on the Mississippi? The Chinese, Germans & Irish. The slaves were not used. Plantation owners, and this is no defense of slavery it’s just historical fact, would not allow one of their slaves on this building project because they were a lifetime investment. The reason other ethnic groups were used is because they were thought of as expendable. Malaria killed many & they were very low paid. Plus the British were selling Irish into slavery to the colonies in the 1600’s. Another thing. You Don’t see a CLM, Chinese Lives Matter movement for past grievances. ever heard of the Geary Act? The law required all Chinese residents of the United States to carry a resident permit, a sort of internal passport. Failure to carry the permit at all times was punishable by deportation or a year of hard labor. In addition, Chinese were not allowed to bear witness in court, and could not receive bail in habeas corpus proceedings.

    The Geary Act was challenged in the courts but was upheld by the United States Supreme Court in an opinion by Justice Horace Gray, Fong Yue Ting v. United States, 149 U.S. 698, 13 S. Ct. 1016. 37 L.Ed. 905 (1893), Justices David Josiah Brewer, Stephen J. Field, and Chief Justice Melville Fuller dissenting.

    The Chinese Exclusion Acts remained in force until partly modified by the Magnuson Act in 1943, which slightly opened up Chinese immigration and permitted naturalization.

  7. I’m sure that will be in future history books, unless patriotic Americans can reverse the course of insanity mapped out by communist demonrats!!

  8. It’s not what kind of work one did, The point is that EVERYONE who worked at ANY job and didn’t sit on their butt collecting welfare BUILT this country… ALL of us of whatever color.
    Racism is simply pointing out what color someone is, as though that defines them.

    Let us all judge people by the content of their character; something those hollering, “racism!” have in very short supply.

  9. Maybe someday you’ll get tired of worrying about being called “racist” by your satanic, hooknose masters, and start worrying about how you’re leaving your grandchildren a world infested with subhuman jungle savages and pedophile desert vermin instead of the nation your human ancestors built. Maybe.

  10. BLM,et al have a very weak grasp of American History. Their ignorance is breath taking.
    I have worked closely with men from Ghana and Uganda. I never thought of them as being different from me, just as friends and co-workers. Interestingly, they didn’t care for American blacks. Were they racist?

  11. my father was a laborer for the civilian conservation corp, CCC, in the 30’s. majority white…cram it, you black marxists. we’ll bury you…

  12. Morgan Baxter, the racist who was behind the “art” of the billboard, works for Happy Valley Organics baby food, with a local store in Boise !! happyvalleyorganics.com I encourage everyone to email, show up at the store, or call them to let them know they employ a very vocal racist, who’s “art work” encourages violence against the police.

    Both Morgan and Tanisha are both racists, and I encourage both of them to leave Idaho. Chicago sounds like a perfect city for both of these racists !!!

  13. Poor white people. Even as you are being dispossessed by alien races.. you keep repeating the lies that got them into the present situation in the first place… ie “race doesnt matter”. If it didnt matter then why are the Dems depending on mass immigration and black/hispanic dysfunction to utterly destroy the country and put it under their control? Why has this racial shift handed every American city over to Dems and turned every American city into a cesspool of crime and corruption as soon as black population rises above 10% and the crime begins to drive out whites? If you really believe race doesnt matter then why do you say one thing then move away from black and hispanic areas as fast as possible once an area becomes “diversified”?If race is meaningless then then why do you work yourself to death to live in gated communities and go to private schools?
    Why do you keep lying to yourself and keep repeating PC lies..as you watch your country burn, and as socialist tyranny closes in around you? Do you do it so you can be “nice”? How does the Left view your “niceness”. What rewards do you think President Kamala has in store for your niceness? But while you deny that race means anything..the Dems know the truth. Race is everything. Replace the founding white majority and you have a Third World Socialist country ruled by a tiny elite that dispense easy lies about to placate the low IQ masses which can never figure out whats going on.
    If you are so certain race doesnt matter then take a simple test will shut down all those nasty white bigots forever. Ready?? Name one.. just one black run country or black run city anywhere on the globe that isnt a hell hole of crime, and hopelessness and corruption . Should be easy …right?

    1. You are right but 50 years too late, or more. Whites fell for the “race doesn’t matter” lie decades ago. Then they let liberal morons talk them into pacifying their boy children, telling them it was wrong to fight. Then they got schools to cancel fire arms training. Then they got them to quit hunting. They left them become lilly white snowflakes at the mercy of aggressive, muscular blacks and Chicanos in school. Then came political correctness, afraid to say what their eyes were telling them. Then we have what we have.

  14. WHITE people actually built America, you brain-twisted marxists. America was conceived, planned, established and built by nothing BUT White People. And there wasn’t even one single brown or black person in that room signing the Declaration of Independence. America as a free and independent, civilized first-world nation would not even exist if it weren’t for WHITE People. GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT.

  15. Marxists only know how to divide Americans. We must stop allowing this satanic filth to divide us into all these categories and then convince us to hate each other. United we stand, divided we fall.

    1. America use to be 92% white…the chief Marxist weapon to bring the country into the present condition of endless strife, riots, cultural disintegration and anti white intimidation has been the deliberate creation of racial chaos by the Marxist. In 1916 Trotsky visited the USA and said he would bring Communism to power in the USA by racial tension. The more he could create it by destroying the white majority via mass immigration the sooner the country would collapse and the Communists would take over.

      The Left knows the races are different and relies on these differences to create chaos. It has no delusions about “equality” ..You on the other hand pretend race doesnt matter. As you look at every American cultural institution collapsing .. church, religion, schools, universities, language, daily life guess who got it right? You ? or Leon Trotsky?.. So keep on pretending race doesnt matter.. keep hiding the black on white violence, the burning cities, and look deep into the eyes of Kamala Harris.. and see the plans she has for all the useful white idiots .

    1. They have never built anything! They didn’t even know how to weave cloth, so they walked around naked, some of them still do to this day. Can you say “Stone Age”? Never created a written language. Never discovered how to forge metals. Never even discovered the WHEEL!!! They don’t create, they don’t invent. They should thank whatever “god” created them for having been brought over here by the White Man. Without which they would have absolutely NOTHING!

  16. As in Idaho resident I was not only offended but absolutely appalled by this Billboard. I believe that United is the only way for us to stand to make a change in this country. Hard working Americans of all colors built this country. We cannot change history or make up for the ignorance that once plagued the people of this country. If slavery never happened then most or all of the blacks wouldn’t be here. For that matter had that never happened the laws created for equal rights wouldn’t have come about, thus nobody from other countries would have come seeking the freedom and equality that those laws created for America and its citizens. I honestly feel that if you feel repressed by living in America or you feel like your lives are not better because you are American let me be the 1st one to buy you a plane ticket out of here. I cannot and will not be made to feel that I owe anyone anything for something I haven’t done to someone it was never done to. Racism is learned ignorance and clearly it exists against whites just as much as others.

    1. More escapist delusional garbage. Make Idaho 20% black and see what it looks like in 10 years. Already the Communists have plans to do that.. forced racial mixing on a percentage basis… the chaos, violence, poverty, dysfuction of Chicago, Birmingham, Newark,Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Gary, Flint, St. Louis will be all yours. Read about their plans to relocate black housing into white suburbs and to make every last nook of
      white majority America Vermont, Idaho, Montana, .. something like the slums of Calcutta or Sao Paulo.
      Of course you will be the last to see the truth. You would do everything to avoid living in Chicago or any of these cities.. but then will spout some delusions that created Chicago Flint, Detroit or Zimbabwe ie all of it has nothing to do with Blacks themselves… And finally to prove how complete and powerful PC Indoctrination is. amongst White Idiots . you say this all has something to do with slavery.. or social justice or George Floyd or Trayvon or the KKK …anything..anything to toe the PC line. And you do all of it on a supposed free thinking “Conservative” website dedicated to “critical thinking”

  17. Ooof, this article is seeping in some serious white fragility. To deny the exploitation of black and brown bodies that made the United States the economic super power that it is today baffles history. It also directly points to how much trouble we have seeing what is so close in front of us. We can’t acknowledge our own racism because we are swimming in it. So let’s take a birds eye view. WHY does the cop car offend you? What offends, awakens. There’s certainly no denying the existence of systemic racism in the police academy. Things need to be made ANEW. Fires happen in nature for this very reason. Forests burn to replenish the soil and fire soot contains nutrients that fertilize the crop. The message of this billboard is BUILDING UP a community (hands literally holding up the city of Boise), the message of this billboard is REDEMPTIVE. The only decisive thing about this billboard is the narratives trying to control it.

    1. Okay, so what your implying is the police car on fire represents a system being made anew? Really? Oookay!

    2. There are black doctors, lawyers, actors, scientists, politicians, former president and every other line of work but you say the country is racist. You are just an ignorant race baiter. You have more opportunity and government help here than you would anywhere and freedom now more than any place on Earth. Poor blacks in the cities need to pay attention in school and strive to succeed, not have it handed to them.

  18. Avatar
    Oracle Watchman

    Ooof, your comment is seeping in some serious anti-white racism. Black and brown bodies? Not their minds? Only their physical ability? Like the NFL and NBA is “exploited” today for their physical ability? LOL So, then we should hold up with honor the machinery that brought America to its great industrial strength. Or the mule or oxen that plowed 100 times more ground than a “black or brown body” could accomplish. “Mule’s Lives Matter”. EK, you are long on words, lacking in logic, virtue signaling, and reeking of systemic anti-White racism common to many blacks and self-loathing white liberals today.

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