Chick-fil-A Busted Donating to Anti-Christian Hate Group SPLC

After coming under fire for ending donations to well-known Christian charities in its effort to appease hateful mobs of homosexual and transgender activists, Chick-fil-A has now been exposed donating to one of the most vicious anti-Christian hate groups in the world.

Christian and conservative leaders say this is the last straw, and that it is time for people of faith to find alternative options. In short, Christians, who stood by the fast-food company as it was smeared in the “fake news” and by radical LGBT groups, feel betrayed.

According to Chick-fil-A’s IRS filings, it donated thousands of dollars to the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2017. The SPLC is known for, among other things, spewing vitriolic hatred against people of faith, slandering Christians, Muslims, and Jews who reject the LGBT agenda as “hate groups.”

The radical SPLC was also implicated in a high-profile terror case. In 2012, homosexual activist Floyd Corkins took a gun and Chick-fil-A sandwiches to the Family Research Council. Inspired by the SPLC’s hatred, his plan was to slaughter as many Christians as possible, and smear chicken sandwiches in the faces of his victims. Fortunately, the SPLC-inspired terrorist was incompetent and was subdued by a brave security officer.

In response to the news about Chick-fil-A’s donations to the dangerous hate group, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said Christians should abandon the controversial company. “Not only has Chick-fil-A abandoned donations to Christian groups including the Salvation Army, it has donated to one of the most extreme anti-Christian groups in America,” he said in a statement.

“Anyone who opposes the SPLC, including many Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and traditional conservatives, is slandered and slapped with the ‘extremist’ label or even worse, their ‘hate group’ designation,” continued Perkins, one of the most influential conservative leaders in America. “At one point, the SPLC even added Dr. Ben Carson to its ‘extremist’ list because of his biblical views (and only took him off the list after public outcry).”

“Chick-fil-A has seriously lost their way,” he concluded. “It’s time for Christians to find a fast food alternative to Chick-fil-A.”

The SPLC has a long track record of hateful extremism, ranging from praising admitted cop-killing communist terrorists such as Bill Ayers, to sexualizing children with LGBT propaganda at school, to viciously smearing anyone who opposes its agenda. It recently was forced to pay millions of dollars after smearing a Muslim as one of the world’s worst “anti-Muslim extremists.”

While Chick-fil-A announced that it would no longer donate to Christian charities such as the Salvation Army, the company has also been exposed in recent days donating to social-justice organizations that promote left-wing extremism.

Also in recent days, it has emerged that the company put a radical supporter of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in charge of its “corporate social responsibility” operations.

UPDATE (Nov. 28): Chick-fil-A claimed the donation to SPLC was made by a “volunteer” and that the company is still guided by the biblical values of its founder. Critics said actions speak louder than words, and that it would take a lot of work to restore the trust lost after the betrayal of recent days.

11 thoughts on “Chick-fil-A Busted Donating to Anti-Christian Hate Group SPLC”

  1. I shy away from any fast food, and so far have lived to be 78 and in reasonably good health. However, at the behest of my wife, I have eaten twice in recent times at Chick-Fil-A. I also was in support of Chick-Fil-A as they appeared to resist the PC mob. It seems that Chick-Fil-A management however has turned the bend and now is bowing down to the Gods of “rear down America.” I will not be again darkening their doors.

    We must remember that corporations and government are not our friends and that neither have souls.

  2. Seems Satan has infiltrated the Cathy family business. This happens with public companies and charitable foundations but how in the heck did it happen to a privately held company?

  3. I scrolled through the list if donations in the IRS filing and food one donation to the SPL group for $2,500. It isn’t much compared to other groups, however, even a little to this group is too much. I wonder if whoever was responsible for this knew who they are?

  4. Chick-fil-A is in the trash and will not be ordered again. You live and die by your customers and remember the first ones always as they are your base, but you gave it up.

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