Soros Funding “Evangelical Christian” Deceivers to Subvert the Church

WASHINGTON–After denying it for years, leading “progressive Evangelical Christian” Jim Wallis of the group Sojourners admitted that he is being funded by atheist billionaire and self-proclaimed “god” George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Soros, who was convicted of insider trading, has a long history of showering his ill-gotten wealth on Christian groups, usually to subvert them or promote anti-Christian attacks against the church and biblical truth.

Among other schemes, Soros has financed a pro-abortion movement within the Catholic Church, a globalist movement within the Orthodox Church, a pro-open borders scheme within Evangelical Protestant circles, as well as various pseudo-Christian pro-LGBT movements.

News of Soros funding for Wallis’ fringe “Christian” organization first broke in WORLD magazine. It reported that in 2004, Soros’ group gave Sojourners a $200,000 grant.

Since that initial injection of money, Soros organizations have provided at least two more grants totaling some $325,000. It seems the connection to Soros has been very helpful, with Sojourners increasing its revenues from just $1.6 million in 2001-2002 to over $5 million less than a decade later.

Wallis, who boasted of his ties to the anti-Christian Obama administration, lied about his connection to Soros in 2005. “I know of no connections to those liberal funds and groups that are as direct as the Religious Right’s ties to right-wing funders,” he wrote.

After that, Wallis lied again. “No, we don’t receive money from George Soros,” he claimed in the far-left “religion” website Patheos.

But of course, that was not true, and Wallis knew it.

“Wallis’ initial denials and then ultimate confirmation of Soros funding for Sojourners is a revealing turning point for the evangelical left,” explained Institute on Religion and Democracy President Mark Tooley, wondering whether Wallis represents evangelicals or the radical left-wing billionaire atheist behind his “ministry.”

“Long insisting he represents a mysterious Christian ‘third way’ more enlightened than the old Religious Right, Wallis now stands exposed as what he always was: a man of the political left,” continued Tooley. “From his days 40 years ago as a radical Students for Democratic Society activist, to his championing of the Marxist Sandinistas in 1980s’ Nicaragua, Wallis has always allied himself with secular leftist groups hostile to the historic Church.”

Tooley noted that leftists are free to tout their views just like religious conservatives. However, he urged Wallis and other Soros-funded religious leftists to be honest and heed “truth in advertising.”

Learn more about Soros and his crucial role in the Deep State here:

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