Dangerous False Teachings Invade Southern Baptist Convention

The Southern Baptist Convention is being overrun by “progressive” and Marxist false teachings that threaten biblical orthodoxy and the future of the entire denomination, prominent Christian theologians have warned.

In a newly released video (see below) titled “The Stain of Mohler,” Dr. E.S. Williams, a member of Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle in London and respected Christian apologist, exposes SBC seminary leader Albert Mohler as among the chief culprits in the spread of these dangerous and unbiblical lies.

Critics say he is one of the driving forces behind the rapid acceptance and normalization of such diabolical heresies as Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory within a growing number of evangelical churches. The cancer has infected not just Mohler’s seminary, but many key SBC institutions and even non-SBC churches.

“This video sets out to examine the depth of the growing compromise within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and to show that this compromise has been led by the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Albert Mohler,” said Dr. Williams, author of numerous books on Christian apologetics including The New Calvinists (2014) and Christian Hedonism? A biblical examination of John Piper’s teaching (2017).

All across the SBC leadership, senior officials have been convinced of the unbiblical need to perpetually repent for the sin of racism, even if they themselves were never racist. Of course, the Bible never even speaks of race, and it declares that all believers are one in Christ, regardless of their nation, tribe, or tongue.

“While Mohler rejects CRT with his words, he is promoting all the leading figures who are aggressively injecting CRT into the bloodstream of the Southern Baptist Convention,” explained Cody Libolt with Pulpit and Pen, a prominent Christian platform, in recommending Dr. Williams’ new video.

As reported by The New American magazine last year, “progressives” have now taken over key leadership positions within the SBC, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States and one of the last major bastions of conservatism within the American church.

“It’s not an overstatement to say the progressive movement is on the verge of taking control of the [Southern Baptist] Convention,” said Pastor Grady Arnold of Calvary Baptist Church in Texas, warning that “social justice” forces were on offense against biblical truth. “They are very friendly with liberal theology, with feminism, with the LGBTQ movement, and so on. They may not push those views, but they’re friendly to them. The next step is to embrace those views — a continual softening until it becomes an embrace.”

Another one of the SBC leaders working to expose and oppose the progressive agenda is Reverend Thomas Littleton, an outspoken Southern Baptist pastor in Alabama who has spoken and written extensively on the infiltration of LGBT ideology into even conservative Christian circles.

“We could not be closer to an entire collapse of the organized Christian right and it is clear that these leaders have been complicit with the powers determined to bring it down,” he explained. “In some cases, they are the powers.”

To learn more about these anti-biblical heresies that are now being mainstreamed within the SBC, watch the hard-hitting exposé below:

4 thoughts on “Dangerous False Teachings Invade Southern Baptist Convention”

  1. Tha same liberal forces we fought in the Southern Baptist churches and institutions in the 1970’s has re-emerged. This time it will win and the SBC will go the way of other mainline denominations into apostacy. We could see the decline and came out 15 years ago to a large church that shed the convention and the title but remains true to sound Biblical truth. Thank you for your article. It exposes what we could feel but did not have the facts to understand. It validates our conclusions.

  2. If the SBC has folded its hand, then the only remaining major church body that has stood fast, fighting off its own challenge in the early 1970’s, is the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

  3. They have no power if we stop following “Leaders” and start following Christ. Be the high Priest in your own home. “Stay Right, or Be Left. Eternity is a long time to be wrong!” Mason.

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    Karen Yarborough

    Most excellent video! We do not espouse this false doctrine in the SB church where my husband pastors, and we have taken this issue under advisement.

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