COVID Injection Increases Risk of Infection, Warns Dr. Malone in Bombshell Interview on The Sentinel Report

The injections are “not really effective” against Omicron and the data coming from European governments suggest that the injections actually increase the risk of infection with the variant, in addition to heart risks and other health concerns, warned mRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone on the March 1 episode of The Sentinel Report with journalist Alex Newman.

Indeed, the data show that about 9 out of 10 people hospitalized with COVID infections were fully vaccinated, with 4 out of 5 having even been boosted, he said. The effectiveness of the shots is “poor at best,” continued Dr. Malone, who infamously “broke the Internet” after going on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s biases or even concerns about his pocketbook may be influencing federal health policy in a way that limits consumer and patient choice, suggested Dr. Malone, a medical doctor and a scientist who holds numerous patents and has over 100 publications to his name with some 12,000 citations.

In the interview, Dr. Malone addresses recent concerns over a sequence of DNA patented by Moderna reportedly showing up in COVID. While he said the press appeared to be “overstating the significance,” he also suggested that the Moderna CEO’s response to the growing scandal was alarming and very suspicious.

Even more important were the documents released from DARPA by a federal whistleblower, he said. Dr. Malone does believe the virus was engineered in a laboratory, though the world-renowned scientist did not think the alleged Moderna DNA in there was a “smoking gun.”

While a new Swedish paper showing that the mRNA vaccine can result in the genetic material being reverse transcribed into human DNA was not as concerning as many made it out to be, Dr. Malone said it raised his level of concern somewhat on that front. “The FDA failed to do their job,” he said.

Even more concerning, though, are reports that the mRNA material from the “vaccines” is “sticking around” in the body for 60 days or more resulting in mass production of the toxic spike proteins by cells–even higher levels than result from an actual COVID infection.

“That’s the one that worries me,” he said, noting that his assumption when he invented it was that it would dissipate more quickly. “These are not normal RNAs–they are some sort of Frankenstein that sticks around.”

The corruption of science and medicine is a huge concern, too, he said. In particular, a new bill in California to muzzle doctors and revoke their licenses if they speak against the dominant narrative is a major threat to the integrity of the fields, and it is not clear how credibility and trust will be restored.

Intelligence agencies have been instrumental in driving the propaganda surrounding COVID and the injections. Facebook has been involved with the U.S. government to promote the propaganda too, Dr. Malone said, noting that a smoking gun email would be coming out soon.

When he used the term “mass formation psychosis” during Rogan’s podcast in the most popular episode of 2021, “all of Silicon Valley peed its pants in unison,” Dr. Malone joked. Google was apparently even manually changing search results to hide the truth, he said. Rogan should never have apologized, he said.

Even the New York Times has now outed the CDC as a propaganda tool and political operation for the White House, Dr. Malone said. “You’re going to see more documentation of this collusion very soon,” he added, promising more revelations on the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset as well.

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