West Virginia Leads States Defunding BlackRock & “Woke” Banks

Woke banks and investment companies such as BlackRock are waging war on American energy and jobs while funneling U.S. investment into Communist China, but states can resist–and many are doing so.

In this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman, West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore discusses how the coalition of 16 states he is leading is working to defund and divest from BlackRock, which has around $10 trillion under management.

According to Riley, BlackRock’s “woke” policies targeting American energy production as Russia and China use reliable energy are a national security risk and a threat to U.S. allies.

Their vision of “woke” capitalism, forcing companies to focus on “Environmental, Social, & Governance” (ESG) rather than customers and shareholders, is dangerous and unpopular.

So, as the steward of West Virginia’s public money, Moore said he has an obligation to get that money out of BlackRock and other “woke” banks and companies.

Moore concludes by urging citizens across America to lean on their elected officials to join this movement to defund “woke” mega-banks and protect freedom.

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