Covid Vax Maniacs to Inject Children at School

The Biden regime and Big Pharma are working to inject children ages 5 and up with the dangerous and experimental COVID shots, warns international journalist Alex Newman in this episode of The Sentinel Report.

Joe Biden made the announcement last week, saying that the feds have procured enough shots to inject every child in America between ages 5 and 11. Thousands of public schools will help out.

In New York, government is offering $100 to every child who takes the shot. And Pfizer is peddling its dangerous products with crazy ads telling kids they can be super heroes if they take it.

Fortunately, families whose children have been injured by the shot, as well as Army doctors, are speaking out. And some leading officials such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are standing up.

Parents, pay attention. Get your children out of these brainwash camps.

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