Dr. Carson Slams Vax Mandates, COVID Shots for Children & Indoctrination

The long-term risks of COVID injections for children are unknown while the risks of COVID to children are miniscule to non-existent, warned former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and world-renown medical doctor Ben Carson in this exclusive interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. Looking at the data would save America a lot of pain and suffering, he warned.

While Dr. Carson touted Operation Warp Speed as a program that saved lives, the soft-spoken American icon warned that the long-term impact of the shots was unknown and the data in the government’s VAERS vaccine adverse-event reporting system revealed “a lot more complications” than vaccines normally have. As for government mandates, these open “Pandora’s Box,” putting Americans’ most fundamental liberties at risk.

Dr. Carson, the youngest doctor to take over a division at Johns Hopkins children’s hospital, also sounded the alarm about the indoctrination of children in public schools, warning that they are being taught to hate America and each other. To remedy that, Carson created the Little Patriots’ program and books to help young Americans understand the wonderful truth about America and unite all Americans.

Another key concern is the dishonesty of the media, Dr. Carson explained, sharing a personal story of how the media manufactured a phony scandal during his term leading HUD is President Donald Trump’s cabinet.

If these issues are not fixed, America may well become a communist nation without freedom, he said, quoting various communist revolutionaries.

Dr. Carson also touches on the importance of teaching reading properly–using phonics–to America’s children. Upholding the Constitution and restoring unity in America will be critical.

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