Cuba, Kennedy, and Communism: Bay of Pigs Veteran Speaks Out

Threats of communism at home and abroad have always been a threat to America’s Christian, federal, constitutional republic. The consistent and rapid push of cultural Marxist ideology in government, culture, and academia through vessels such as critical race theory (CRT), economic and social governance (ESG), and gender confusion and deception (LGBTQIA+) must be stopped if Western civilization is going to survive.

The solution: nothing less than the return to fundamental principles and biblical morality can revive America.

In an enlightening and powerful conversation on Focal Point, an American Media Periscope production, Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel CEO, is accompanied by Frank de Varona, a historian, author, journalist, and veteran of the Bay of Pigs Invasion who endured two years in a communist prison as a POW.

Newman and Varona cover a plethora of subjects, but Frank de Varona has one simple message: fight communism!

Watch all of the Focal Point Doral Sessions at American Media Periscope!

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