Preposterous Pride Month News

What used to be known as the month of June, the start of summer and warm vacations, has now been dubbed “pride month” by the LGBTQIA+ crew. It has become inescapable and insidious. It must be stopped.

In this episode of The Sentinel Report on Lindell TV, Alex Newman, founder and CEO of Liberty Sentinel, covers the latest news regarding the quackery and downright wickedness that is being paraded through our streets and to our kids during “pride month.”

In the news, Alex covers:
–NYC Pride parade marchers say they are coming for your kids. Believe them. 
Local politicians such as Sen. Chuck Schumer, Gov. Kathy Hochul, and Mayor Eric Adams also participated in the march, which is now in its 53rd year and commemorates the June 1969 riots at Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Inn that sparked the movement for LGBTQ rights.

–MTG: “This movement grooms minors to have mastectomies and castrations and fuels a multibillion-dollar medical child abuse industry,” tweeted Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican congresswoman for Georiga.
“Pass the Protect Children’s Innocence Act. Let kids be kids.”

–All this comes less than two years after San Francisco homosexual choir sang a song about it. “You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked,” one of the chorus men sang of indoctrinating children. “Funny, just this once, you’re correct.”

–In Boston, the Boston Herald reports that four children living in squalid conditions while being hidden from first responders were found in an apartment filled with “alcohol, drugs, sex toys, and a dead man,” according to an incident report and outraged officials.
… That fire department report, obtained by the Herald and confirmed by police response, states that a BFD [Boston Fire Department] crew was sent to Old Colony Avenue Saturday morning for a call that a man had gone into cardiac arrest and required medical attention.
…  However, according to the incident report, firefighters found more than just a routine medical emergency.
“The apartment was in extremely unsanitary conditions. Approximately six adults, who appeared to be males, were seen in the apartment,” they wrote, saying they subsequently found “four children in the back bedroom being hidden by an adult male from first responders.”
According to the incident report, the children ranged in age from 5 to 10.
“All of the adult parties were being uncooperative and did not provide helpful information. All adults present denied having children inside the apartment,” they wrote.
… Multiple sources tell the Herald some of the adults were dressed as women when first responders arrived at the scene.”

–Naked men are exposing themselves to children at “Pride” parades all over the country and Canada. Obviously, we will not show you the photos or videos because they are sick. Not very long ago at all, they would have been imprisoned for this!

–Pride attendees in Seattle surround a Christian and bark at him like rabid dogs to ensure nobody can hear the Bible.

–Pride month was not enough. Now, according to the guy pretending to be a woman that Biden hired as “Assistant Secretary of Health,” it shall be pride summer.

–The Walt Disney Co. has lost nearly $900 million on its past eight studio releases, including “The Little Mermaid” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” according to box office analyst Valliant Renegade.
Two of the titles outright flopped—”Strange World” and “Lightyear”—as Disney faces economic woes. Just last month, Deadline reported that Disney started its third and final round of layoffs as the company looked to slash 7,000 jobs by the summer.

–Muslims protest outside homo-facist wannabe dictator Justin Trudeu.

–Portland Proud Boys show up to protest against sexualization and pride targeting children. Fake “white nationalists” and Nazis show up to protest with them and get chased out. Multiple commentators and even members of Congress are suggesting these were federal agents and agent provocateurs.

–Bill Gates celebrated by mass-murdering dictators for helping to build up the top geopolitical adversary of the United States.

1 thought on “Preposterous Pride Month News”

  1. Liberals in positions of power within and outside of our government can resist the siren song of socialism, for the concept elevates them to the elite gatekeepers their ego’s have always told them they deserved to be. Choosing to blindly ignore the lessons of the past (post WWII India, Israel and the UK all adopted socialist governments for a time), opting rather for delusional slogans like, “True socialism has never failed because it’s never been tried.” Only one thing stands in their way at present: convincing us serfs that we’re actually serfs.

    How would one go about doing that? How do you convince a free people to relinquish personal freedoms? In a word: chaos. Start as many societal “fires” as possible. This group against that group. This race against that race. Add inequality of every possible flavor and stir vigorously. Mix in your approval of morally un-approvable things. Their thought is…folks will be begging us to assume ultimate control in no time.

    Once you see their game plan, not only can you not unsee it, but you begin to see it’s loomed large in EVERY decision Democrats have made since Obama.

    If the Lord hasn’t returned by then and we live long enough, I hope to see the day the Democratic Party is sitting atop the ashcan of history, perverse sexual deviants are jailed for their behavior and Americans become Americans again.

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