Culture War or Cultural Revolution?

Culture is upstream from politics, and in this episode of Liberty Hour on AMP, host Alex Newman interviews country music legend Buddy Brown and communism expert Curtis Bowers to break down the issues.

First up, in the news, Alex gives an overview of the latest developments in the persecution of Donald Trump, including info on the indictment of last week’s Liberty Hour guest, former Assistant U.S. Attorney General Jeff Clark.

Next, Alex spends some time with Andrew Muller, a contributor to The New American magazine and operations chief for Liberty Sentinel Media. The two discuss the upcoming United Nations power grab and some of the incredible Christian history of America.

After that, conservative country star Buddy Brown gives his insights on the culture, country music, marriage, politics, and much more. With over 300 million video views, Brown is an independent superstar who answers to nobody but God!

Next up, documentary maker and former lawmaker Curtis Bowers of Agenda Weekly explains the century-long Marxist war against America, family, and Christianity. To combat it, Americans must start by understanding it. BUY LOCAL, Bowers says.

Finally, Aila Wang with the New Federal State of China explains that the Chinese Community Party is in big trouble. Wang, whose movement is seeking to liberate the people of China from CCP slavery, goes into population control and the murderous regime’s war on America.

In the news, Alex covers:

1–New charges against Trump and almost 20 associates, including last week’s guest here on Liberty Hour, Assistant US Attorney Jeff Clark, whom Laura Ingrahm just referred to as one of America’s greatest legal minds. Clark, whom allegedly Trump was going to name as Attorney General, was charged with criminal attempt to commit false statements and writing. Trump, who is still surging in the polls with over 60% support in the latest ones, is facing RICO felony and “conspiracy” charges.

2–Others charged include Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, and Jenna Ellis. Michael Roman, the director of Election Day operations during Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, is facing seven charges for urging people “to contact state legislators in Georgia and elsewhere on behalf of Donald John Trump and to encourage them to unlawfully appoint presidential electors from their respective states.”

3–Trump and the rest will likely seek to get the venue moved to federal court, thereby taking the far-left prosecutor out of the picture. The Fulton County Jail, plagued with overcrowding and detainee deaths and under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, could make history as the first location where any U.S. president—current or former—gets a mug shot taken.

4–A libertarian member of Argentina’s parliament, Javier Melei, shook the establishment Sunday night by becoming “the most-voted-for presidential candidate in a key primary election.” His campaign’s biggest priorities are abolishing the central bank, slashing government, stopping globalism, and rejecting the CCP.  

5–BREAKING: Apple removes ALL of Glenn Beck’s podcasts from iTunes. Put them back. There is no explanation yet. 

6–Techno-Hell: Utah and Oregon Now Require GPS Trackers on EVs in Lieu of Registration Fees and Tax Drivers by the Mile.

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