Far-Left Bar Associations Purging Conservative Lawyers: Diane Gruber

The far-left Oregon Bar Association and others in liberal states have been persecuting conservative-leaning and Republican-friendly attorneys, with disastrous consequences for the legal profession and justice, explains retired Oregon attorney Diane Gruber in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. California, Washington, and other states are seeing similar issues. This is a crisis that must be dealt with, said Gruber.   

5 thoughts on “Far-Left Bar Associations Purging Conservative Lawyers: Diane Gruber”

  1. It far past time for constitutionalists to operate outside the fully
    corrupt Leftist Matrix. Practice Irish Democracy every day in every way.
    Refuse to comply.
    Refuse to cooperate with the corruption.
    Refuse to let their lies come through you.
    Become ungovernable.

    1. I had to check this out! Ms. Gruber is misrepresenting what the publication said. Anyone can go online to the Oregon State Bar website and look for archived issues of the magazine called Bar Bulletin. April – 2018 – It is a statement that says that the Oregon State Bar and other organizations that represent diverse communities of lawyers were all committed to upholding the Constitution, and they do not support the concept of white nationalism and the violence associated with it. It pointed to statements by then President Trump that nationalists used to support actions of violence, and called on him to stop using them. People should do their homework. I’ve heard that if you don’t have the facts or the law on your side, make it up. Sounds like she is doing just that.

  2. What a badge of honor! I’d wear it proudly. It’s long past time for conservative lawyers to band together and create their own organizations with righteous platforms and speak bravely and loudly in the face of the vile left.

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