NEW EPISODE: Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes; “Those Communist Riots Aren’t Real”
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While 48/50 major cities have been hit with political violence, the mainstream media still refuses to report on it. They are still calling these well-funded riots, “peaceful protests”. VICE interviews a domestic terrorist while he was on the run. The anti-police rhetoric keeps being promoted in the media, while in other countries, they are using their police force to subjugate their people for not “social distancing”. Join Alex Newman and Sean Jackson and help unravel the narrative weekly. 

*PROMISE MADE, PROMISE KEPT. After breaking down the most important information of the week, Alex Newman and Sean Jackson call Elizabeth Warren live. We promised that if you put us in an email chain, and we continued to grow, we would start making phone calls to get answers from politicians live. Help get the word out, and your senator might be next.

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