What Does God Say About Government? A Lot!

As the creator of civil government, the God of the Bible has a LOT to say about how it should work and what it is for, according to a new sermon by Liberty Sentinel founder Alex Newman.

The full sermon can be viewed below.

In the sermon, given at the First Baptist Church of Stuart, Newman cites Romans 13 as one of the crucial biblical lessons on civil government. Simply put, the Bible commands Christians to obey the authorities.

However, Newman also explained that submission to civil government is not meant to be unlimited, any more than submission by children to parents is supposed to include obeying instructions to rob a bank.

Much of the lesson involved biblical examples of God’s people defying evil commands by rulers. For instance, Hebrew midwives defied the Egyptian pharaoh’s command to murder all the baby boys, and God dealt well with them.

Turning to the Book of Daniel, Newman cited two key examples of righteous defiance.

Alex preaching at First Baptist Church of Stuart.

First, the three Hebrew boys defied the king’s command to worship the golden statue, and God protected them from the fiery furnace. God used that to humble the king and glorify His own name.

Next, Daniel openly defied King Darius’ edict not to pray. God responded by protecting Daniel from the lions and again glorifying His name.

Even in the New Testament, Newman said, there are multiple examples of Jesus’ disciples defying authority. As explained in Acts 5:29, “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

Newman concluded his sermon by speaking about the biblical foundations and incredible but mostly forgotten Christian history of America. Citing God’s warning to Israel via Samuel, Newman warned that Americans are on the verge of losing the blessings that resulted from having a godly form of government.

Watch the sermon below.

Download the full powerpoint presentation here.

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