Pervert Father of “Sexual Revolution” Tied to CIA

An explosive new report by academic researcher Dr. Judith Reisman and child-advocate Rhonda Miller exposes, for the first time, the direct links between the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Rockefeller Foundation, and the perverted “sex researcher” Alfred Kinsey who launched the “Sexual Revolution.”

Kinsey, whose “sex research” included the rape and sexual torture of thousands of children, was funded by his paymasters at the Rockefeller Foundation and the CIA to undermine biblical sexual morality. Ultimately, the objective was to facilitate the emergence of a “New World Order” ruled by the elites, the report shows.

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A synopsis of the earth-shattering report written by the two authors is below. The full report can be accessed below as well.

Kinsey, Rockefeller & MKULTRA: Crafting the New World Order

By Judith A. Reisman, PhD, President, The Reisman Institute and Rhonda Miller, President, Purple for Parents Indiana

The following describes an attack on American culture and personal liberty. The counterattack proposed is consistent with President Trump’s second term objectives for Education and Draining the Swamp. Finally exposing to Americans the Rockefeller Foundation’s formative role in Kinsey’s child sex abuse of 2,035 infants and children may reverse the damage of 70 years of RF/Kinsey’s “sexual revolution” and planned DNA tampering. We have provided evidence of crime, victims, perpetrators and motivation that should be sufficient to initiate an investigation in a country with functioning systems of justice. If the cycle of crime, cover-up, public spin, disinformation, blackmail and assassination is to be broken, then Kinsey, the Institute that bears his name and organizations that further the RF funded “sexual revolution” that Kinsey initiated must finally be honestly investigated, their crimes exposed to public view and justice served as the courts allow.

Indiana University zoologist Alfred Kinsey was among 185 researchers in over 80 institutions working for the CIA’s MKULTRA program (1), commonly supported by the Rockefeller Foundation (RF). “Funding a Sexual Revolution: the Kinsey Reports” (2) made possible the “quest for a new world order” (3) envisioned by President George Bush. A sexual revolution put in play eugenicist visions of global governance by the elite. Kinsey’s funding task was to establish “scientific data” that Judeo-Christian sexual morality and its laws were unnaturally repressive while sexual hedonism was “progressive” enabling genuine human liberation. Instead, Rockefeller’s and Kinsey’s “social atomic bomb” visibly increased physical and psychological impairment of each generation after the 1940s. Industrial interests, sympathizing with eugenicists and/or seeing profit, colonized the territory that the RF/Kinsey Sexual Revolution chartered:

• Commercial pornography glamorized commitment-free sex, financially amassing millions;
• The 1955 Model Penal Code emerged to trivialize sex crimes and reduce penalties accordingly;
• K-12 sex education providers sold Kinsey’s “sexualism” to children, parents and libraries, building markets for allies and sponsors; Big Porn, Big Pharma and Big Abortion
• Sex education providers use “obscenity exemptions” to erode sexual boundaries via exotic sexual stimuli K-12, conditioning traumatized children to reject parents and seek aid from Big Porn, Big Pharma, Big Abortion and Big Education.

Former Australian High Court Justice Kirby said, the changes Kinsey “helped to put in place has by no means yet run its course….[He is] beckoning us forward to greater rationality and knowledge about ourselves.”(4) Pedo-sadism (aka; pedophilia) waits in the wings as Kinsey ideologues occupy positions of authority within esteemed, publicly-funded institutions. His contemporaries knew his “data” were “unscientific.” (5) That Kinsey’s “evidence” of children as sexual from birth stood on criminal sexual torture of children and babies was documented by Dr. Judith Reisman’s presentation at the 5th World Congress of Sexology in 1981. Recent (re)discovery of Albert Deutsch’s May 22, 1951 LOOK magazine Part II article, chronicled Kinsey and an anonymous scientific cadre experimenting at both Greystone and Rockland Mental Asylums (cited in Sexual Behavior in the Human Female in 1953). Perhaps Deutsch’s effort to glorify Kinsey as America’s eminent sex scientist, led him to give the game away.

The Rockefeller Foundation (see above) credits itself for financing the sexual revolution. We now know the claim that orgasm in infants from birth – taught in respected universities and medical schools globally— was authored by Kinsey, a psychopathic pedo-sadist and his selected colleagues.6 In ~1948, children’s wards at Rockland, Greystone, and similar mental asylums supplied Kinsey with captive subjects and equipment. Children suffered psychological and physical torture –with Kinsey sexually “examining inmates” before and after their lobotomies, isolation, electric shock, “psychic driving,” psychotropic drugs, and the like.

Sexual trauma was Kinsey’s contribution to the wider efforts of the CIA via secret MKULTRA programs to improve established techniques of mind control. What Kinsey labeled “orgasm” we now know was commonly the trauma of electric shock and other abuses. As a sadomasochist, Kinsey personally needed pain to experience pleasure. The perils of advocating the scientific objectivity of a psychopathic pedo-sadist who enjoys his work are abundantly clear. At least 2,035 infants and children were victims; 82% of “orgasm techniques “fit” those of CIA “Enhanced Interrogation” (e.g. see in the report Table 34 of Tables 30-34, Kinsey’s Male volume, p. 180).

The effects of physical and psychological trauma are well understood. Pedo-sadists use similar techniques to groom child victims. Continued psychological manipulation during aging and educational development by message-driven propaganda reinforces control. Techniques developed for psychological manipulation and political-economic propaganda are consistent with the efforts of Globalist organizations and foreign influence resulting in societal turmoil today.(7)

How were Kinsey’s sex crimes facilitated, enabled for seven decades? Who would profit from Kinsey’s sexual hedonism as the basis for “progressive” social change? Who would want to encourage our social collapse? These questions lead to the RF’s 2020 “philanthropic” gloating (above) that RF’s funding of the Kinsey Reports financed “a sexual revolution”! Building on expertise gained in World War II, the CIA, aided by tax-exempt foundations, placed individuals in mass-media positions and politics to engineer popular consent. 1952-1985 seven attempts to investigate RF-Kinsey-CIA collusion were blocked by both RF and government pressures. The sexual revolution was needed for “the Ultimate Revolution,” a eugenic plan under way since the early twentieth century. The Decline of Western Civilization was the New World Order inside a One World Government blueprint. Aldous Huxley (scion of a famous eugenicist family) said: “[W]e are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy that have always existed and presumably always will exist, to get people actually to love their servitude.” (8)

Huxley explained the goal of the Ultimate Revolution is “to standardize the population… ‘mass produced’ models of human beings arranged in some kind of a scientific cast system.” Eugenicists have progressed over the last century: Planned Parenthood, the Kinsey Institute, the Population Council, UNESCO and UN, all formed and funded by RF and its allies. Subversion of a free republic via the press, academy, legislative, executive and the judiciary, ongoing since 1917.(9) “Operation Paperclip” enabled the importation of Nazi scientists who had demonstrated their willingness to conduct unethical experiments on their fellow humans; “MKULTRA” provided these and other local recruits (like Kinsey), with the human guinea pigs and resources they needed to perfect mind control methods.

These included: terrorism/trauma (Huxley explained, “conditioning installed in a state of stress or fatigue goes much deeper than conditioning installed at other times”); suggestion and hypnosis; (“20% of people who really can be persuaded into believing almost anything.” They may be driven to extremes and create “very dangerous armies − private armies − which may overthrow the government”(10)); pharmacological methods and mind-changing drugs (replace external constraint with the more efficient method of control afforded by internal compulsions).(11)

The “morbid sexualism” visited upon the world’s population through Kinsey’s work clearly fits in with this suite of programs: enhance removal from tradition, family, and a moral compass. By casting sexual morality as oppressive, RF/Kinsey cast the somewhat imperfect wisdom of parents and religion as base, hypocritical, untrustworthy. With education captive, three generations of children and youth learned to be consistent with a presented view (message) purported to be “progress” and “freedom.” In this way, they have been conditioned to love the servitude promised by global socialism, to comply with its demands, and fight for its objectives.

CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird” used the Rockefeller/globalist control of the media to bombard the American public with decades of sustained propaganda, false history, and misinformation, while simultaneously suppressing alternative views or inconvenient truths. Sexual compromise, blackmail and organized crime enabled the strategic corruption of officials, the control and even elimination of congressional investigations and vilification or assassination of whistle-blowers. A long line of such operations, from Kinsey through Hefner to Epstein, demonstrates that a republic is only as strong as the moral character and determination of its leaders.

Kinsey and his Institute must be considered among the other globalist eugenicist initiatives which in this remarkable year, 2020, have emerged onto the center-stage of world politics. A WWII investigating committee headed by Senator Harry Truman declared Standard Oil (the Rockefellers) “a hostile and dangerous… agency of the enemy… Yes, it is treason. You cannot translate it any other way.”(12) The agenda is now more than treason. As RF built their Sexual Revolution on the torture of thousands of children, it does not surprise that such an entity would aim at greater crimes of international scope and influence. Within the framework of UN Agenda 2030, RF supports DNA plans of the Gates Foundation. “You put in instructions in the code to make that shape and change the DNA of seven billion people.”(13)

An expanded treatise by the authors is available on request that further explains details of the, what, how, why, when and by whom Kinsey’s work was enabled. The evidence canvassed in this paper must be regarded as only examples of the horrors that further investigation can be expected to reveal. God has given us a short window of opportunity. If not now, when? This is our Call to Action… For RF/Kinsey’s violated children and all children, today and tomorrow!(14)

Download the full report here:


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    Finally found a good concise intro to Alfred Kinsey. People often express shock and disbelief about all the kink in modern society. I can smell their fear of being encircled by some ‘mysterious force.’ That’s when I insert Alfred Kinsey’s name along with a couple of others and assure them this is an agenda that was paid for. There’s no big mystery. Thanks for the rational delivery of this basic information all people should know about.

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