Exploiting Floyd’s Death to Nationalize and Globalize Police

In this interview on the nationally syndicated Christian radio show World View Weekend with Brannon Howse, Liberty Sentinel chief Alex Newman explains how Deep State operatives and their useful idiots are exploiting the death of George Floyd to nationalize and globalize American police.

Quoting from top UN officials about the agenda, Newman argues that one of the many important subversive goals being advanced amid the unrest is discrediting America’s system of local law enforcement. This system is crucial to preserving liberty and preventing tyranny, Newman said.

Speaking at the UN Chiefs of Police Summit (UN COPS) in 2016, then-Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon sounded Orwellian.

“This important forum provides a unique opportunity to promote the links between UN policing and national police services and to learn from different policing approaches,” he said.

UN COPS will help show how UN “peace operations” and “national policing” actually “complement and mutually reinforce each other,” Ban added.

Also at UN COPS summit was UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, who echoed Ban and went even further.

“UNCOPS is a tremendous opportunity,” the deputy chief gushed. “For the first time, countries which host and contribute to UN Police, key partners and the UN leadership, are joining forces to discuss the complementarity between national and international policing.”

UN policing is also “strongly linked to all these efforts is the transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” Eliasson said.

“UN Police is central to this equation, to this structure,” the deputy UN boss explained.

“It has become a central pillar of United Nations peace operations as indicated in the external review of the functions, structure and capacity of the UN police function,” he added. “In striving for effective multilateralism, UNCOPS is a springboard to make sure that United Nations Police becomes ever more ‘fit for purpose.’”

“UN Police are our police, serving ‘We the Peoples’ of the UN,” the deputy UN boss continued in his speech to UN COPS and national police chiefs from around the world. “We commend your commitment to work with the UN to advance peace and security as one international community and one global neighborhood.”

UN COPS program already has thousands of officers under its command operating in almost 20 countries.

Newman’s 2016 article exposing the blatant agenda to federalize America’s police forces was highlighted this week on the Michael Savage show. That article was posted on Savage’s website under the headline Soros Exposed Plotting to Nationalize American Police.

Also featured in the interview is columnist Cliff Kincaid, founder of USA Survival and an expert on communist subversion. He brings up facts about Black Lives Matter and suggests there may be more to the story of Floyd’s death than has been revealed thus far.

Newman’s segment starts at about 25 minutes in.

Brannon Howse is a well-known Christian talk-show host who is unafraid to speak the truth.

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