Senator Blasts Woke Mob Alliance With Democrats

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) spoke on the Senate Floor calling out the alliance of Democrats and the “woke” mob for their attempts to divide Americans.

In the speech, Senator Hawley said that instead of uniting on the cause of justice for George Floyd and building on shared history and struggles, the radical left has “been trying to divide us against each other, to paralyze us, to stoke resentment of our fellow citizens and hatred of the nation we all call home.”

He also calls out these evildoers for using government schools to brainwash American children against their own country at taxpayer expense.

7 thoughts on “Senator Blasts Woke Mob Alliance With Democrats”

  1. It’s great the senator is speaking out…but half of his party will tune him out, immediately, and the rest will agree but do nothing to address the problem in a concrete way. The Democrats act…and the Republicans equivocate and tarry.

  2. Leftist commie politicians and their militant arms, antifa, blm, and others, are not Americans. They might be US citizens, but Americans they are not. America stands united against those savage animals.

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  4. Really. Either I can do the same on their soil, Or they are all Enemy Combatants for All Americans to Shoot and Kill. Legally. And Please. Let them know m,y feelings.. I will await their reply

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