Federal Land Grab: Biden’s Plan to Nab 30% of America’s Land

Joe Biden’s new “30×30” plan seeks to “preserve” 30% of America’s land by 2030. This, however, is raising serious concerns as the initiative would transition 440 million acres of American soil into federal protection. This expansion of land into the feds’ hands would more than double the current 12% (289 million acres) of land the government currently “protects.” Texas Commissioner Sid Miller, a critic of Biden’s “30×30” plan, told viewers of The Sentinel Report that Americans must vote out radical politicians and elect America-first patriots heading into 2024 to stop this unconstitutional land grab.

Additionally, on the show, Liberty Sentinel Media CEO Alex Newman breaks down the latest news, including The Heartland Institute’s most recent report showing that one-in-five voters who cast mail-in ballots during the 2020 presidential election admitted to participating in at least one kind of voter fraud.

Finally, Jordan Page, a popular pro-freedom and Christian musician, joins the program to share his latest project, Firefly, a revolutionary new homeschool network that can unite home educators across the nation. Do not miss this episode of The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman!

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