The Feds Are Nabbing 30% of US Land, Warns Texas Agricultural Commissioner

“Buy land,” Mark Twain suggested, “they’re not making it anymore.” This advice might become nearly impossible to follow come 2030 as the Biden administration pursues a new “30×30” plan to obtain 30% of America’s land—roughly 440 million acres—into the hands of the feds for “preservation” purposes by the year 2030.

This plan, however, does not end at 30%, said Sid Miller, Texas’ Agricultural Commissioner, on Alex Newman’s The Sentinel Report. “They would like to take 50% of our land out of production by the year 2050.”

“Now, this is not something that is just isolated to the United States,” continued Miller, a decorated rodeo cowboy and businessman. “It’s a global agenda. The European Parliament has already voted to do that.”

In addition to the Communist Chinese rapidly buying up American farmland and corrupt goliath-like corporations such as BlackRock snatching up residential properties, it is hard to imagine a future where the average American family could acquire land or even a simple home in the very near future.

So why do the federal government and foreign influences want to obtain mass volumes of American property? Commissioner Miller argues that part of the agenda is to slowdown, curb, and regulate food production to “control the global population.”

Ulitmately, through fake crusades like “climate” change, global elitists want Americans to eat bugs rather than meat, phase out fossil fuels, and slowly eradicate all carbon emissions to aid the rise of a global one-world government, warned Miller, who formerly served in the Texas State House.

“They have already reached half the goal,” Miller revealed, saying that the feds have obtained 15% of the 30% land-grabbing goal.  

Americans must act now to save not only their country but liberty and freedom around the world. Miller admonished U.S. citizens: “The best thing that you can do is stop voting for these woke politicians… That is the purest way to stop it and the fasted way to stop it. Get rid of these global agenda, one world government [politicians].”

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