Out of Africa and Into America: Parallels & Warnings from South Africa

There are shocking similarities between South Africa and the United States of America, explained Simon Roche, the director of foreign affairs for Suidlanders, an Afrikaner preparedness organization, in this episode of Conversations That Matter.

South Africa can serve as a jarring wake-up call for Americans, warned Alex Newman, senior editor for The New American magazine, pointing to Jacob Zuma, who served as the president of South Africa from 2009-2018 who has openly called for the mass murder of certain people groups within the nation. Could America be heading towards a similar fate?

Reflecting on the United States tumultuous political climate from an outsider perspective, Roche asked “what is it that has made these people [Americans] weak and, to some extent, if I may use the word without giving offense, almost emasculated.”

Ultimately, Newman and Roche argue, nothing but a return to Christian principles can save South Africa or the United States.

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  1. Look people-> this was all put in place to *finance everything that’s happened in & from 1913 onward:
    1) ie = WWI 1914,
    2) Lenin/Stalin1917,
    3) force U.S. in to win Bankster-Euro unCivil-War1917…
    4 ALL esp to write & install the Treaty of Versaille 1918 meant to bring the Weimar into a Bolshovik•II Communist takeover with a coup from 1918-33(failed)…
    5) arming up & aid genocidal Stalin to take all Europe Germany 1st for full on Commie takeover of the Western residual Christ believing nations & eventually America…!
    6) FDR to install UN on U.S. soil, sell us as DebtSlaves to IMF, hand China to MAO, civide Korea + give Vietnam to Commies as consolation for failed Korean takeover(after pocketing ODDLE$ from setup Nam CashCow fiasco…
    This is why Gen.Patton was murdered 12yrs later to sgut him up ditto Gen.MacAurthar fired, ditto JFK assassinated & Reagan shot, then GHWBush(Agenda 2-NWO) & Billary installed(FalseFlags to disarm Americans failed), 1/2 lull with W.jr to do 911(after scheduled fail’d ’93 attempt) ALL for-> 20yrs WAR+distraction in the MiddleEast to drive millions of Muslim’s into for Euro-takedown, install shill MAObama & Hillary, then oust Trump(kill Rush w/cancer to silence him), install O’Biden while steamrolling to eliminate Trump before ’24 (while opening border like dumb-Euro’s did), next install “coup de tat” Globalist puppet POTUS…

    ☆ THEN expedite UN Agenda 2030 + 2050, release stronger COVID-II to force compliance as food supply’s cut in half-(worldwide) to implement takedown
    via Kissinger/Schwab- Gates/WEF-WHO “Digital+ccp-Soc.Cred.Syst.-“GreatReSet” …….all to bring about mass depop & “mark of the beast…
    Lots more; folks not up enuff to grasp/follow these true hidden dots of history to get this-> tho I’ve researched far far more…!

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