Greatest Troll Ever: What if Pence Counts Electoral College Votes With Dominion Machine?

Posters on the Internet are causing giggles among patriots and nightmares to Deep Staters and swamps creatures by suggesting, among other ideas, that Vice President Mike Pence may use Dominion Voting Systems machines to count the Electoral College votes on January 6.

In a post made on 4chan that was eventually picked up by the RedPill58 Corruption Detector Occam’s Razor podcast, it was suggested that the nationally televised stunt would expose the fraudulent election while at the same time securing another term for President Trump.

The Liberty Sentinel has not been able to verify the authenticity of the scheme, which was described as the “greatest troll of all time.”

BOOM! Affidavit in US Court Exposes Dominion Fraud

Meanwhile, establishment media outlets are parroting propaganda indicating serious concerns about what Pence may do in counting Electoral College votes.

Several states have sent dueling slates of Electors–one slate for Trump, the other for Biden–and Pence is required by law to consider all “purported” slates of electors on January 6 while counting.

Members in both houses of Congress have also indicated that they intend to challenge the Biden voted obtained by fraud in key states, especially Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and potentially others.

Commentators have argued that even if Pence is not actually planning to pull off this stunt right now, he should seriously consider it.

Even though Democrats would whine, and beg the courts to intervene, it would illustrate the problem to millions of Americans–and it would be impossible for the press to conceal.

What happens on January 6 amid these unprecedented times remains to be seen, but Trump has called for Patriots to assemble in Washington, D.C., on that day.

Here is the post that has been circulating in dark corners of the Internet:

  • The 6th of January electoral ballot count for President is going to go down as the greatest troll of all time.
  • The vice President counts the electoral votes which is the one item the constitution makes clear. It does not specifically say how he does so, and there will be nothing anyone can do about that.
  • The plan is for Mike Pence to roll in a Dominion voting machine. He is then going to pull out a USB drive, update the software just before the count and use the machine to count the elector ballots.
  • Remember this will be on national television…
  • The count will not only come out fractional but will result in more votes than actual electors and result in Trump winning more electors than Biden.
  • The chamber is expected to erupt in chaos, obviously the count will be challenged.
  • Pence will then conduct a recount but he will use the machine to print the recount ballots and then hand count those. The re-counted number will be similar to the original count only changing by a couple of votes but will result in Trump winning by even more than before.
  • Dems are expected to cry foul and Pence will object and call for an order. He will then tell them it is too late to challenge because it is already done. The count is finished. He will then deliberately wipe the machine’s software.
  • This is exactly how the dems ran their elections so they cannot now come back and say it is not legitimate.
  • Also the courts have already ruled the last 2 months that nothing can be done… there is no evidence of fraud…

5 thoughts on “Greatest Troll Ever: What if Pence Counts Electoral College Votes With Dominion Machine?”

  1. Ganders can cheat just like geese.
    Is it then the pot calling the kettle black?
    No doubt the DIMs and RINOs>both AINOs
    they will claim sexual and racial harassment
    as they hide behind their skirts.
    Well, they certainly are going for the heads I win
    tails you lose. Catch 22.
    Well, enough said.
    fch sends

  2. To finish out, it is a steal. But, the God-less crowd want it for the
    money, power, and prestige. Just like the Saducees and most of
    the Pharisees against the GOD of their religion.
    nuff sed.
    fch sends

  3. I think, deep down, we all know that Pence is going to buckle and capitulate to the Democrats even though they blatantly stole the election.

  4. Avatar
    an ol exJarhead

    Jimmy Stewart did a “Real life documentary in MR. SMITH”!

    Looks good on the screen. but in the real world liberals like Kevin and Mitch run thing. Mr Smith never happened and this, good as it would be, will never get past mitch.

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